February 21, 2010


19-21 February 2010

By post and by Electronic Mail

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To whom it may concern,

It is with deep concern that I write this letter on behalf of my children who are at this very minute being physically and mentally abused whilst in the care of the State. We are VERY worried about their safety and wellbeing. I shall justify this using several points.

They are arranged in no particular chronological order, I will write this as it comes to me.

– Today, I found out that after nearly seven years on medication to control severe ADHD, the eldest child is already showing signs of uncontrolled aggression towards his two younger brothers after being taken off the drug (Ritalin) since last week. He is suddenly showing an interest in boxing and eager to demonstrate his square circle prowess after only a couple weeks, has landed himself a school detention for “punching a wall”! Like the wall would suffer any; I’ve hit walls and only ended up with several broken bones in my fingers. We actually had him sitting down for five minutes during our supervised contact this afternoon in Larkdale Children’s Prison in Nottingham, and his legs were twitching like any “normal” person on quality amphetamines. This is NOT normal behaviour for Nathanael. Neither is him waving a dinner knife around in front of his brother’s face like it was a sword. He has been taught BETTER THAN THAT. He was put on Ritalin in the first place to control his destructive and disruptive behaviour at HIS OWN REQUEST. The boy KNEW at SIX YEARS OLD he had problems with his behaviour and needed serious help controlling it. Today his eyes were fixed and dilated and he showed signs of extreme mental agitation. He was barely in control.

– Also while at the Contact Centre – I mean, prison – we were half-introduced to a new (to me) member of staff calling herself “Cheryl”. This individual came across as tyrannically authoritarian with an air of “I know it all, you know nothing, you have no opinion until I give it to you”. Immediately on our arrival it disconcerted me to hear her ORDERING my children around like they were her own! Examples: Benjamin turned on the TV. The video wasn’t even playing. Cheryl: “Turn that down now!”. The TV is silent while there’s nothing playing on screen. I gave the boys cereal bars, Cheryl: “Sit at the table!”. It was not a request, it came across as an “Or else…!”. That woman concerns me, I do NOT want her anywhere near my children, she is DANGEROUS. Nathanael sat on the rocking horse in the common area: she attempted to forcibly remove him from it, nearly pulling the thing down on top of him! She did the same to Benjamin, AND to Jamie (ostensibly to keep Nathanael off it, saying he was too big for it, and to allow Jamie and Benjamin equal time on it. I asked her why, in a place that was supposed to be so safe, the hobby horse wasn’t bolted to the floor. She came back with this thought-ending cliché: “You were supposed to be watching him”! I asked her what I was supposed to do, centre rules stated that even if the children were tearing strips out of each other we were not allowed to physically intervene, that only the centre staff were allowed to do that – that and the fact that *she* was standing at the side of the horse and I was over five feet away. I told her in no uncertain terms that if they were tearing strips out of each other I *would* be physically seperating them and damn the consequences. She apparently had no thought-ending cliché for that one. She also had no answer to my assertion that the centre rules undermined *my* natural rights as a parent to protect my children, except to state that oh, we still had those rights – to which my reply was “Well from what we’ve witnessed today they should be coming home with *US* in that case”. She went very quiet on that one after the short gasp. I’m not sure if that was mock shock or genuine.

– Last week, Benjamin exhibited a wound on his midriff which looked like a friction burn – grazed through the skin, and it hadn’t even been cleaned. I wish I’d got a photograph now. He claims that he suffered it tripping over a piece of wood in the school playground. Aren’t schools supposed to be safe? Where did the trip hazard come from? Is it in the accident book? Has the offending piece of timber been removed? The answer to all those questions: NO. The staff aren’t even aware that Benjamin suffered any sort of injury at school (funny they seem to have forgotten the head wound he suffered in the playground last year for which he required a HOSPITAL VISIT and STITCHES. Or the incident with the sharp desk corner, also last year, which left him a disfiguring wound above his right eye (which I do have photos of), that we weren’t informed of the cause of for nearly TWO MONTHS after the event during which time he claimed to have – you guessed it, fell over in the playground! He received NO medical treatment from the school for this, he had to be treated at HOME then the Principal at the school, one Caroline E. Norman, tried to claim it was a CIGARETTE BURN inflicted by HIS MOTHER!) Today, he has a shallow, wide scratch below his right eye on the cheek which he claims to know nothing about, and dirt ingrained in his face, hands and torso. He also smelled of stale urine. It looks like our children are NOT EVEN BEING BATHED.

– WE are being coerced (or they’re trying to anyway, and failing miserably!) to withold all truth from our children. This is fantastic, Benjamin and Jamie are going to be being taught sex education at school starting next academic year, and we’re not “allowed” to tell Nathanael the answer to the question HE HIMSELF ASKED; ergo, the effects of the drug he’s *supposed* to be on on people *without* ADHD!? Please explain the logic of this? That is but one of several examples of active censorship being inflicted upon us, and WE ARE NOT STANDING FOR IT.

If there is something which involves our children and/or their future, we will tell them, and nobody will prevent us from doing that. It is OUR obligation as their natural parents to tell them what is THEIR RIGHT to know. We do not lie to our children, we do not expect them to lie to us; while they were home with us they did not lie to us. Recently they are being caught on what I call small white lies. The lies will only get bigger if they are being brainwashed into keeping things from us. That, and Nathanael’s behaviour since being sent cold turkey from a Class A drug puts him at extreme risk to himself (not just for psychological shock value, but also for its physical manifestations) and puts others around him at extreme risk of injury since he has done this before – destroying a garden at school (luckily nobody was hurt but someone could easily have been since he destroyed not only plants but also planting structures such as sheet film construction greenhouses and some tools). This after ONE HALF DAY without Ritalin! What is happening to him in particular and to the other two when he’s having a violent episode? One can only guess at the amount of force it requires to restrain him while he is violently lashing out. To hold him down would quite possibly injure him – think of someone having a hyper seizure. People have been known to spasm so hard they have broken their own backs.

– We have not seen the contact book, which is apparently intended as a means of communication between ourselves and the contract carer, for several months. We have no telephone contact with our children. We have no written contact with our children. Our extended family have no contact with our children. Their own GRANDMOTHER got THREE MINUTES with them last week as they arrived, only on the strength that she happened to be in town and we met her on her way to the bus stop! The first time she has seen or heard from ANY of them in eleven months! The social workers are *supposed* to be, as agreed in LACR meetings, the care plan, and the Judgement itself dated 2 March 2009, initiating and maintaining contact with their several aunts, uncles, cousins and other blood relatives – they have done NOTHING. We bought Nathanael a mobile phone for his thirteenth birthday to be told that it was “inappropriate” for him to own or operate such a device! Under WHOSE authority and under WHAT LAW do they justify this claim? Government guidelines state that THIRTEEN is the appropriate age for owning a pay-as-you-go cellphone and operating social networking pages and email. The same guidelines make NO EXEMPTION for children in care. Would someone please explain WHY our children are being DENIED their God-given rights to freely communicate whomever they please whenever they please using whatever means made available to them? And WHY we are not seeing the contact book or any other documents particularly now that the children are being prevented from bringing anything to contact with them, not even their school bags – notwithstanding the fact that the last report we did see described Jamie having soiled himself? Why does a nine year old boy soil himself? Is he being physically or sexually abused to the point where he is so anxious about being taken back there that he does not want to *go* back? Bear in mind the fact that the two younger children are and have been for several months now, all but having to be physically pulled off me to be taken to the taxi – THEY DO NOT WANT TO GO TO THE CONTRACT CARER, THEY WANT TO COME HOME WITH US. WHY ARE THEY BEING IGNORED?

– From mid-2007 until the day my children were taken, CAMHS had a case file on them, then Social Services decided that they weren’t needed anymore. Why would mental health services not be required for children who had just been forcibly removed from their family, isolated and desperate to come home? One would have to be practised in the art of lying to children to convince them that they were going to a better place for them not to need it; evidence to the contrary is exhibited every time I see them. They are disturbed, lonely and very, very unhappy in their present situation, the only solution to which is to send them back home where they belong where we can watch over them and protect them.

– My previous concerns about the wellbeing of my children, most of which are ongoing and deeply stressful – you have no idea how stressful unless you have actually been there – were raised with the local police, where a sergeant told me that since they were in local authority care “it’s obviously the best place for them”, they would be taking no action! Have they forgotten about Pindown ALREADY!? Another occasion had a different sergeant accusing me of being mentally ill. I am NOT mentally ill, I am ANGRY! Angry because my family has been torn apart for MONEY. It is obvious to me going by the responses by the police that they are in cahoots with SS to forcibly seperate children from families and maintain the seperation by not giving parents the opportunity to raise legitimate concerns with a public service that was chartered to PROTECT THE INNOCENT and UPHOLD THE LAW OF THE LAND (NOT protect criminals using the Law of the Sea!). This situation severely undermines public trust in the police and encourages vigilanteism. I do not for one minute consider vigilanteism an invalid response at this stage if it means getting my children out of the danger they have found themselves in through no fault oftheir own, for the past year.

– On the subject of school events: We are made aware of school events in which our children are involved – not by the school, but by the parents of other children! We get NOTHING from the school unless we turn up ourselves and demand it (eg term reports, parents’ evenings, open assemblies etc), which suggests to me that we are being deliberately frozen out. What makes this even more insidious is the fact that during the last two LACR meetings the subject of school changes was raised, to which I made clear my position in no uncertain terms: changing the children’s schools is NOT an option under ANY circumstances while they are in care, it being further evidence of SS’ attempts to further alienate our own flesh and blood from us. Aside from that, the fact is we are STILL waiting for the EOY reports for Nathanael from the Nottingham Emmanuel School – why is it being withheld?

– The boys have just had their first birthdays away from home. How would you the reader feel if your children had been taken forcibly from your home, and have to cope with that feeling of utter despair when their birthday doesn’t happen to land on a contact day? Or Christmas? We had no Christmas as such last year. What was the point? Worse than that the fact that we had to further deal with not having ANY contact with our children THROUGHOUT the Christmas holiday – not even a poxy phone call! Turn it around: how would YOU feel if YOU were a child having to spend every day, but especially special days like these, away from your own flesh and blood?

Please, if you have read this far, consider what YOU as a FLESH AND BLOOD HUMAN BEING can do in YOUR position of influence (be it local or national authority, media, whatever) to STOP this treatment of these three children and influence Government policy to prevent the same happening to others – and remember also that this is NOT something you can throw more Statutes at, we have more than enough Statutes covering the abuse, all it requires is proper application of those Statutes, of Common Law, of common sense and for the public to be made aware of what is happening to our children and the fact that it could just as easily be THEIR children. Or even YOUR children!

Yours Sincerely,

James of the First-line Family of Moore
Common Law Free Man of the Land of England



  1. Here is our story which the mainstream media and BBC have suppressed.

    We continue, to this day, to be persecuted by Cumbrian Police who are currently trying to criminalsie us. Non of us, to date have any criminal record at all.

    This is excellent. Keep up the good work, you have our total support and our prayers are with your family.

    Comment by Yvonne Stewart Taylor — February 24, 2010 @ 8:08 pm | Reply

  2. This is for a friend of mine x

    Comment by nojusticeforparents — February 21, 2010 @ 9:57 pm | Reply

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