February 23, 2010

Please take time to sign these Petitions

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Please support this petition. If a social worker dislikes you they can just say you’re kids are being emotionally abused. Please give a few seconds of your time and of course your autograph to go towards getting this pathetic psychobabble removed for once and for all.

Child protection social workers are known as child snatcher for this image to change we need reform:

1:-Abolish the family court secrecy that gags parents who wish to complain. 2:-Abolish “emotional harm” and “risk” as justifications for putting children into care 3:-Abolish “forced adoption”if a parent opposes an adoption in court 4:-Abolish decisions by family court judges to take babies and young children into care.(let juries decide) 5:-Abolish the power of social services to regulate and control contact between parents and children , to censor their conversation or to restrict phone calls.The court must control the frequency of contacts. 6:-Abolish the restriction preventing a lay advisor from presenting a case for parents refused legal aid 7:-Abolish hearsay evidence in family courts and require witnesses to stick to facts without “speculation.” 8:-Abolish the removal of children for non life threatening forms of neglect such as absences from school or insanitary dwellings unless a written warning has been served and the situation has not been remedied.

These reforms would stop most of the present injustices.

Ask yourself a question, then answer: Why is the Family Court so secretive? It is clearly not designed to protect the identities of the children as entire communities are made fully aware, by child protection officers, school principals, teachers, even through themselves putting two and two together, of what is occurring before, during and after the “case” is heard. Who is Section 97 Paragraph 2 of the Children Act 1989 C.41 /actually/ protecting, if not the chidren? This section of the Act claims to protect the identities of children by banning the publication of any materials that may identify the children themselves (a moot point since the children are already known), solicitors, judges, barristers, social workers, psychologists, police (or rather more accurately, corporate enforcement) officers, to name but a few; people who do not want to be identified with Britain’s largest and most well-protected, secretive and insidious child trafficking ring. These regulations, which include the erroneously perceived ability to make crystal ball predictions about a child’s future, prevent oversight and allow criminal activities to go unpunished.

I petition the Prime Minister to elect a CPS Ombudsman in alignment with other Government Departments. I for one of many, have been failed by the CPS. Even with police recommendations,after a 20 month long thorough and precise investigation, which cited a prosecution against two social workers for Perjury and Perverting the course of Justice. Because of these people` actions I lost my 10 week old baby for 6 months and my 6 yr old child forever. Here in N Ireland we have a Police Ombudsman, which generates great “Public confidence”. A CPS Ombudsman, I`m sure, would also be beneficial, not alone for the public but also for the police in general.

Social Services and Cafcass come into our homes to gather evidence about our children and our family situation and infact it is more intrusive than a formal police interview. If the police came to interview us formally we would be removed from the property and taken to the local police station where my interview would be recorded and I could have a solicitor present. I therefore ask the Prime Minister to reform the law and implement the following changes. All parents being interviewed by Social Services or Cafcass should have the right to have a Legal Advisor present, and every interview should be recorded for the same reason’s as a police interview, because this forms a record of evidence.

Family Law is decided upon by a judge hearing evidence from parties contained within that family unit, also Guardians, CAFCASS, Social Services and reporting experts.

This petition is to carry out family law in the same way criminal cases are heard. Evidence would be submitted with a jury deciding the outcome at a final hearing. This stops the people involved with the case being directly involved with any decision making. After hearing the result of the jury the judge could then set out the restrictions and orders with regards to the jury’s decision.


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