February 25, 2010

How to be fobbed off and ignored by a Local Authority ( selection of some of the emails sent to them )

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I do apologise many of these are individual emails sent i am having problems with my blog and cant seperate sone individually but i think you will get the picture.

Admittance of alcohol problems in his team !!!


Thank you for this.  We do in fact work with ADSIS as a responsible employer recognizing that in any very large organisation there may at any one time be people who have an alcohol problem.


—–Original Message—–
Sent: 09 September 2009 08:36
To: ; David KIDNEY; Traves, Peter (C&LL); Ramsdale, Deborah (C&LL)
Subject: assessments

May I also add that i believe based on reports your staff have written that i may add to my diagnosis delusional and feelings of grandiose.And after seeing the graphs in your own reports on staff that have had time off for mental illness and the lists of illnesses they have that all your staff are sent for assessments as their children may be at risk. I hear there is a psychiatrist called Dr Hibbert who will be able to carry out a thorough assessment for only £50.000 per person.

May i also suggest that having seen the graph for your staff and how much they drink above the recommended level each week that you send them to ADSIS where they can learn all about units , triggers and attend a relapse prevention course and that they are also referred to AA.

I hope this advice is very useful to you



Now for some proof of being ignored and complaints and requests not dealt with

I would like to bring to your attention some facts
1. two of my children were removed for domestic violence 3 months AFTER my ex partner and i had split up
2. The same children were placed before an adoption panel based on incorrect evidence which your local authority has had PROOF of in the prescence of my solicitor.
3,This is in breech of the data protection act as all information held should be accurate.
4. this is being investigated.
5. The information commisioner has taken on the case.
6. this local authority has failed to implement recommendations given by guardian at litem
7.this authority illegally stopped my contact with my child
8.this authority committed contempt of court and discussed my case in public cafe
9.this authority failed to listen to experts in court and implement their recommendations
10. this authority has never supported me as your legislation states you should
11. my baby was taken into care because i tried to protect him and asked for help so he would not see me distressed
i would like your response to these issues please and will forward this to mr kidney also

I would like to bring to your attention some facts 1. two of my children were removed for domestic violence 3 months AFTER my ex partner and i had split up 2. The same children were placed before an adoption panel based on incorrect evidence which your local authority has had PROOF of in the prescence of my solicitor. 3,This is in breech of the data protection act as all information held should be accurate. 4. this is being investigated. 5. The information commisioner has taken on the case. 6. this local authority has failed to implement recommendations given by guardian at litem 7.this authority illegally stopped my contact with my child 8.this authority committed contempt of court and discussed my case in public cafe 9.this authority failed to listen to experts in court and implement their recommendations 10. this authority has never supported me as your legislation states you should 11. my baby was taken into care because i tried to protect him and asked for help so he would not see me distressed i would like your response to these issues please and will forward this to mr kidney also

my son  disclosed at lac review yesterday that his previous foster carer pushed him on to the settee i demand a full investigation myself and his current foster mother heard him.



Could you give me more detail.  You have not said who you are.  You have not said who it is you are asking to investigate.

Peter Traves

you should know who i am you have sent dissapointing replies to my mp david kidney i have spoken to sarah peace and andrew jenkinson this morning maybe speak to them then when justice is done i would request my baby is returned home thankyou

I might have known if you had signed the email – you did not

Peter Traves


I am not sure why you are being rude about this.  As you know people often send emails from addresses that not their own.  I am sure you will acknowledge that it would have been helpful to put your name on the email and to give a little more detail.
Peter Traves

i am sorry but i have been fobbed off by this la for 2 years im sure you will appreciate my frustration
please refer to all previous emails by myself to your department including the one i sent a week ago
having just had a conversation with andrew jenkinson stating you have proof of concerns as to why i should not have baby back please provide evidence and not just opinion based evidence as i have plenty of proof of the contrary
I have asked Sally Rees to investigate this further and to get back to you
Peter Traves

Please confirm what you have asked Sally Rees to investigate i would hope that my whole case is looked at given the evidence that this LA are in breech of data protection act. That this LA has broken the law as per childrens act and now allegations made by my son of abuse in foster care and i would hope you will look at returning my baby to my care given that i have never harmed him and experts at court recommended his return before christmas and given that i have always co-operated with LA  and stuck to written agreement.
I have not asked Sally to open a full investigation at this stage.  I want her to evaluate the situation for me and advise me on the next actions if any are to be taken.
Peter Traves

well i think a full investigation should take place in respect of not only child a’s claims but also
1.false information being presented to permanency panel
2.breech of the data protection act
3.taking children away from me for domestic violence 3 months after my partner and i had seperated.
4. making it part of a written agreement i attended womens aid which i did for two years yet LA never contacted them for reports and didnt invite my worker to core groups and conferences.
5.failing to take seriously my childrens disclosures surrounding dv.
6.making me stay in a mother and baby unit for 8 months despite the psychiatrist stating there was no clinical need
7.refusing to support my child coming back to me after dr george hibberts evidence that led to him being removed was thrown out of court.
8.refusing to provide respite care as recommended by two experts
9.refusing to acknowledge new treatment and diagnosis of pms
10.removing my son after i was told over the phone by louise jones that my other boys had been found long term placements which meant i could not see them for 3 months then after that only 3 times a year.This was very distressing and i rang up and asked for help as i didnt want my baby to see me distressed so as not to cause any emotional harm.That evening his nan and aunty turned up to look after him and were told by LA under no circumstances must they remove him from my house.This was despite both being police checked and vetted by yourselves.
11.Experts have said my breakdown was due to significant stressor and commended me for recognising it and asking for help
12.ever since i have been pregnant this LA have opposed me having my baby at 8 months pregnant sarah peace told me she was going to remove him at birth ( i have this and my pleas to do anything recorded)
13. I have evidence that Stafford hospital were told my son was on an EPO and that i was to remain in hospital for 7 to ten days by LA ( MY SON HAS NEVER BEEN ON AN EPO )
My contact has been reduced to just two hours a week for no good reason everyone states the quality of my contact is excellent
my list is endless i have paperwork from over three years ago and can back everything up with evidence i am kindly asking that you take this matter very seriously and return my child .I am willing to work with the LA and have stated that i dont mind you having orders on him all those who knew me as a mom to him (professionals ) have never faulted my parenting.
They have also said in reports that social services treatment of me has been relentless and other derogatory comments against your services.
If things are not put right and this witch hunt of me continues i will put all of my evidence in the public arena for all to see.
I have to say i do appreciate you replying to me personally and i do hope that at long last after 2years of this something is done.
maybe its elaine winstone you should question shes the one ignored my kids claims of abuse one on a child under 16 and also manager of team we are under ill name and shame if you wont
i have recieved a house of commons letter from ann widdecombe mp as she has written to baroness Delyth  Morgan regarding my case.
In Baroness Delyth  Morgans reply she has stated the law is clear children should live with their parents wherever possible and when necessary, families should be given extra support to help keep them together.
Which your LA has failed to do.
I understand that the courts are involved in your complaints and therefore it is not appropriate for me to comment in any detail on matters you raise.  I will of course forward to officers who may have issues they wish to address.
Peter Traves

you are actually misinformed the court case relating to child A and child B concluded a year ago so any information about them and matters relating to that case need to be dealt with and i can speak publicly about it.
Also as of 27th april media are now alowwed in family courts
after speaking to my babies social worker today i am now informed that he has made a statement in respect of domestic violence something he said last week he was not prepared to do before the final hearing after also recieving a phone call from womens aid stating i have rattled a lot of cages i am wondering if you can please enlighten me .
Just a note Andrew has put something in a statement about an email which i have also sent to the press i do not know his motives but suspect it is to try and ruffle the judge.Just wanted to remind you of the document submitted for court that outlines how the local authority have broken the law and also quotes the law.Also just wanted to remind you that the local authority and cafcass and their legal reps discussed my case publicly in a cafe
I have recorded foster father stating he cannot take to my son!
I also have recorded chair disclosing sons school and the fact my son id made to wear a sticker over his school logo.
In the two and a half years my kids ahave been in care i have never jeopardised their placements despite knowing by my own merits and the mistakes of your workers where they were.
I also have on tape my son describing how he was punched in the face.
Also him asking for more contact which for over two years has been ignored also when im explaining his rights as he is gillick competent the contact worker quickly butting in .
I have just been informed by my solicitor that a letter has been recieved in respect to my recording of LAC review The letter actually implies that i was allowing others such a s journalists to listen in on the meeting and womens aid who rang me during the meeting to which those who rand will know is not true.
Also the letter actually states that the recording was in respect to my babies case which aswell is not true.
Even the letter sent by social services contains that many infactual errors it only goes to clarify my point further of all the errors that have been made in my case.
In case Staffordshire local authority intend to try and use this against me I am informing you all that during a court hearing this local authority and cafcass and their respective legal representatives discussed my case openly and laughed about it in a public cafeteria in the prescence of my solicitors and this matter was bought before the court.
This was clearly contempt of court !!!!!!!!! and also a breech of confidentiality of my child and myself.
Why if there is transparency and openess and honesty ( supposedly ) Are the local authority so worried about this? ? ?
It is alot different when parents are videoed etc at cafcass and social services without permission and children are videoed and pictures placed on websites advertised for adoption.
I would hope that this is a matter for public concern
it may also be woth mentioning i have andrew jenkinson recorded on cctv snooping around my house not my fault i did not know he was coming and cctv on all the time because of domestic violence
From: John A. M. Hemming <>
Subject: Re: LA letter
Date: Friday, 24 April, 2009, 12:55 PM

You are not prevented from recording meetings, but there are issues about what is and what is not to be disclosed.

After a very interesting conversation with CARS this morning i do hope that child B IS NOW ALLOWED AN ADVOCATE as he has been denied one up to yet from this local authority DESPITE RECOMMENDATIONS made by guardian and my constant requests
I have just had a conversation with andrew jenkinson where he was very defensive regarding cctv footage and also raised the question what does this mean for CHILD c.
As my son is no longer in my care and the cctv footage covers mr jenkinson coming to my premises after Child C had been removed i do not know what he means by this had child C been in my care as explained to mr jenkinson i could perhaps see the need for such scrutiny.
I do not know how Andrew Jenkinson on cctv affaects my ability as a parent when all parenting assessments before the court are extremely positive
i will take my laptop to court which has all the emails i sent and all replies i got as evidence for the judge so that he can see for over two years this has been happening and the local authority have failed to act,investigate,uphold the law,produce evidence etc
Having just returned back from court and Andrew Jenkinson and barrister for the local authority trying to imply that my emails were consistant of a possible relapse as of my bpd diagnosis and under cross examination of an expert witness these allegations were found to be untrue i strongly urge that all my complaints are taken seriously including this one .
After local authority barrister asked the court not to make a finding of fact in respect of domestice violence based on insufficient evidence is it fair to say that the removal of my other two children for domestice violence was wrong then?
also you still not have addressed the abuse both physically , emotionally child A and child B have faced whilsT being in you care
i am about to recieve in writing evidence that andrew jenkinson has lied in a statement to court given that his team co-ordinator also fabricated things to hospital i think they should both be sacked dont you or do i have to stand outside your offices protesting with the written evidence
I presume you will ignore this as others but you have lead a witch hunt against me and i have the evidence and i think you know by now i will produce it.
You imply in your statement i emailed the early learning centre it was id fact the european law commission and maybe you should not make assumptions
I am afraid I have not the faintest idea what you are on about.  I have made no statement.
if you read its for attention of Andrew Jenkinson who tells me all mail gets passed on to him hes one of your staff
Re K D [1998] 1 AC p.812 letter B Lord Templeman stated; ‘The best person to bring up a child is the natural parent. It matters not whether the parent is wise or foolish, rich or poor, educated or illiterate, provided the child’s moral and physical health are not endangered. Public authorities cannot improve on nature.’
Ed balls announces local people will sit on safeguarding boards for children id like t be the first to apply please
i now have the written evidence to prove andrew jenkinson has lied before the court and this along side sarah peaces lies and other thing being distorted i am wondering if you are going to take a serious stance on this?
i demand something is done i had call yesterday to say CHILD B has had yet another foster carer reject him what is my son going through something better be done about this and quick
two and a half years in care and very placement breaks down and he gets rejected let him come home to his mom with whatever conditions you want else im bringing it up at the channel 4 debate im attending next week
please respond as you should in compliance with the law and complaints procedure
just to inform you that i have been advised that if andrew jenkinson wants to make threats to me about jail it will need to be in an open court so all my friends and newspapers can attend also how dare he when him, louise jones,and sarah peace have committed perjury by presenting false evidence to court and deliberately lying which i have proof for and not to mention contempt of court by discussing my case in a public cafeteria with their barristers.
I notice i still have no response about my children and their suffering in your care.I have now been critised by Andrew Jenkinson for keep ringing up the department.Well im sorry but maybe some kind of response would be a professional thing to do.I now have local government ombudsman investigating you.
I have tried for 2 and a half years to speak with elaine whinstone or rebecca magregor i find it shocking that despite numerous attempts they are never available and never return calls considering staffordshire social services have caused my son more harm than good.I get very frustrated that the emotional abuse my son has suffered in your care is not being taken seriously and no manager is available to discuss it.Maybe it needs media attention as i do not know what else to do ihave emailed complaints,written complaints,rang on dozens of occasions,why am i being ignored.
I am in contact with other parents
1.was a victim of pindown scandal
2.had a son assaulted in foster care and daily mail rang me about the 3 children that went missing from local authority care two in stone and a boy in cheddleton
4.Andrew Jenkinson lied and made up evidence to court housing have provided written proof of this.
5.Sarah Peace told hospital staff that there was an epo on my son and i was to stay in hospital for between 7 to 10 days when there was never an epo on my son I have the nursing notes to prove this.
6.Louise Jones provided false information to a child permanency panel you have seen proof of this.
7.Elaine whinstone interviewed my son yet amazingly did not record it Myself and my son are witness to this.
8.My son was assaulted in foster care this has been reported to the police
9.My other son has been moved throughout his time in care leading to emotional abuse and a transient lifestlye.
10. You have breeched the data protection act ( all information held must be accurate ) and refuse to admit it despite me having a signed statement from Penny Naden social worker agreeing to amend details over two years ago and this still has not been done.
11.You have breeched the freedom of information act as i requested my file months ago i have email evidence and correspondance as proof.
12.A trainee social worker has lost my file with all my references in,cv,pictures,certificates etc. I have a letter from hospital proving this.
Why is it you keep ignoring this is it because you are trying to cover it up ?
I have contacted the local government ombudsman and will take this as far as i can.
After attending the failure to care debate and hearing accounts of neglect and abuse by foster carers i have to raise something with you that has been noggling me for some time .
Since being in foster care my child CHILD C has had numerous bruises, cuts etc One occasion he had bruises at both sides of his head and a blister on his hand and more recently a swollen nose.The injuuries both side of his head worried me as it did not appear consistant with a fall as i would have thought injuries would have then been on one side.I understand he was seen by a doctor but as society seems to think foster carers do not abuse and given all the failings in spotting the abuse in the baby p case this does not allieviate my fears. Also before he went into care he never had any injuries nor was there any concerns about his healh and development.
His foster carer as said such things such as hes clumbsy etc something the dr does not think he is and also he may now have speech problems.
I am wondering if these symptoms have been invented by the foster carer as an excuse.
I have seen that she cannot control him well and she made a comment to the dr about how long it will be before she can reason with him .
My child is two you cannot reason with a toddle and the drs reply was not till hes 3 or 3 and a half.
I do not have any problems with his behaviour and i do believe this foster carer is not very experienced and perhaps should not be looking after toddlers.She said she has experience of looking after 3 children which i believe were her own who have now grown up .
At the doctors i knew a hell of a lot more than she dd in respect to developments and normal behaviour i would be grateful if this could be looked into as im considering going to the police with my concerns.
rebecca collier just rang saying im not allowed to bring legal rep or record meeting ok thats fine ill go to the press with operationt thor barnados report on kids missing in your care ,lgo report on failures to deal with child abuse allegations and police report i have found you obviously have alot to hide
I was due to pick up childrens files today and have been informed they are not available i give you 7 days to allow me access or i shall be forced to take legal action and approach the media.
andrew attended my home today asked if i had been drinking as he could smell something ( unless it was air freshener ) which indeed it was just so you know me and you are like a game of chess i am abled to read between the lines or should i say lies i am quite sure andrew will say i had been drinkin which i had not lucky for me i had two other visitors that day one being a lib dem councillor just so you know im aware
Further to my meeting with Rebecca Collier and Elaine Price yesterday and owing to the fact that they thought the purpose of the meeting was to discuss my complaint i would like to remind you that complaints should be investigated and not merely ” discussed ” i await details of your investigative enquiries into my complaints and also my childrens files which are still not available to me you are now in breech. I therefore now will have to file a further complaint. I would also remind you that rather than try and use my complaints against me that if you actually bothered to follow the law and indeed your own complaints procedure service users would no doubt not have such a need to complain.
I look forward to hearing from you with urgency before i submit articles on this to website owners and the media.
I am writing to acknowledge receipt of your e-mail and the points you
have raised.

Deborah Ramsdale
Assistant Director – Area Based Services
Children & Lifelong Learning Directorate
i have been informed that elaine whinstone has suddenly died by andrew jenkinson ! i am wondering why andrew might think i feel bad for highlighting the fact that she did not take seriously my childrens disclosures of abuse and did not even bother to take notes ! She refused to meet me to discuss my concerns which has now prompted ofsted to take action.I do not feel guilty did any of you feel guilty when i was not allowed to visit my dying uncle or indeed attend his funeral.
i have rang ofsted since this inspection and they have assured me they are doing another one unannounced with my concerns as i explained to ofsted you will not accept accountability and have blatent disregard for the law INCLUDING DATA PROTECTION ACT, ILLEGALLY STOPPING CONTACT,NOT WORKING IN PARTNERSHIP WITH OTHER AGENCIES AS VICTORIA CLIMBIE INVESTIGATION RECOMMENDS IN MY CASE WOMENS AID !!!!
its been bought to my attention that i cant have my files as you are seeking legal advice as to whether or not you can get an injunction to prevent me having them as you feel i will publicise them ! i wanted my files to make sure they are accurate as you have already breeched the data protection act with inaccuracies in my file!I also wanted them to see if there was anything that could be bought to the judges attention at my final hearing.I suggest that you are deliberately withholding them from me so you are not held accountable for the breeches in data protection act and to prevent me using them as evidence in court! Just to inform you preventing a service user from obtaining their files and breech of data protection act and then seeking to apply for an injunction to prevent that person accessing files is a media story in itsself.
Can you please stop this nonsense and act as the law states you should.
yours faithfully
i am enclosing codes of practice for GSCC andrew did not seem to know who they were ?
I have added after some of the points the way in which these have been breeched although these points were only off the top of my head and i will be going through all my paperwork meticulously.I have already lodged complaints over the phone which have been registered but they have sent me forms to go into further detail and asked me to send all my supporting documents
I thought i would copy and paste them to ensure you and your workers were reminded you are not immune from accountability
I am afraid i will now have to reports Andrew Jenkinson again to the GCSS and yourselves to Ofsted.My solicitor rang me today and told me of your latest excuse to not even allow me an extra hour at least of SUPERVISED contact.Apparently it is becuase Andrew says im too unstable and he thinks im ill with bordeline personality disorder.
I find it highly amusing as yet again these silly deliberate opinions he gives shows once again vexatiousness against me.
I hardly ever see Andrew so i would imagine his chrystal ball opinion is based on emails i have sent or phone calls i have made.
They cant be based on contact as i defy anyone to say that does not go extremely well.
A few facts
1.Dr Pilgrim said that if i was to remain stable the disorder was being reviewed .
2.I have remained stable.
3.I was completely discharged from psychiatric services completely earlier on in the year.
4.I have had no need for psychiatric or psychological involvement at all this year.
5. Even when i was arrested for protesting and seen by a psychiatrist it was seen that there was nothing wrong with me other than fighting for justice for my children.
6. I have even had no reason to visit my GP in 12 months.
7.Fortunately for me I am no longer as isolated as i was and i have people who can verify that rather than being ill I am getting my life back together.
8. If a parent is angry because you cant do your jobs properly,and because you lie in reports,abuse kids within the care system and then make ridiculous allegations deeming the mother to be mentally ill.
Then i think your the one whos mentally ill and as Andrew is about as qualified as I am to give diagnosis’s I believe he has got Little Man Syndrome.
p.s sending an email at 4am does not mean im mentally ill either.
You should all be on stage your so funny ………….sweeping it hahahahah she who laughs last ……….

I refer to your complaint to the Information Commissioner concerning the Social Services Department of Staffordshire County Council.

In my previous email I indicated that I would be approaching the Council with regard to your complaint.  The Council appeared to have breached the sixth data protection principle by failing to properly respond to the subject access request you made in February 2008.  Also, I wished to confirm that you had received all of the information to which you are entitled, and to establish what information has been withheld from you, and what action has been taken in relation to the information which you consider to be inaccurate.

I received a response from the Council shortly after speaking to you yesterday morning.  With regard to your requests for information, I understand that, to date, no information has been provided to you in response to your February 2008 request, or any of the requests you have made subsequently during the course of your contact with the Council.  (I should add that the Council’s records do not show what action took place in 2008.  However, in view of the fact that you continued to make further requests I am assuming that you received no information in response to your request at that time.)

It appears that whilst the files were to be presented to you on 16 June 2009, a last minute decision was taken that legal advice should be obtained before the information could be disclosed.  This was because there were concerns that you may have published the information you received, to the detriment of your children.  The matter was considered further in August 2009 but the same conclusion was reached.  It is not clear whether you were ever informed of this.  However, I understand that an injunction was issued regarding publishing information in relation to one of your children.

By October 2009 the Council was aware that you had moved to Newquay and that you required release through your solicitor (it is not clear whether you informed the Council of this).  However, it appears that whilst the Council is now ready to release the files to you, they do not have your new postal address, or that of your solicitors.

In view of the above I have confirmed my assessment that the Council have breached the sixth data protection principle in this case.  It is clear that the Council had concerns about the release of the information to you.  Nevertheless, you should still have received a response to your original request, and your further requests, within 40 days of each request.  Whilst it would appear that some of your subsequent requests were contained within your formal complaints to the Council, they should have been dealt with as separate matters.

The DPA allows information held by social services departments to be withheld from a response to a subject access request if the provision of the information:-

would be likely to prejudice the carrying out of social work by reason of the fact that serious harm to the physical of mental health or condition of the data subject or any other person would be likely to be caused.”

However, even though it was necessary for legal advice to be obtained in this case, this should have been done within the statutory 40 day timeframe.  Also, if the final decision was that all of the information should be withheld from you, you should have been informed of this within that 40 day timeframe.

Nevertheless, as I have indicated above, the Council are now ready to provide you with the information to which you are entitled if you could provide them with your, or your solicitors’, address.  Please contact the Acting Access to Information Manager with this.  Her address is


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