March 6, 2010

When a child alleges abuse in foster care ?

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This seems to differ from what Staffordshire Local Authority deem to be an investigation.

Their investigation consists of just asking the foster carer her account ??

5.2 The person receiving the referral must immediately inform the Case Supervisor and / or Line Manager who has responsibility for the child.

5.3 The Line Manager whose area of responsibility includes the foster home should also be informed if they are different from the child’s Line Manager. Wherever possible the Foster Care Manager should be consulted about the allegation.

5.4 In the event of concerns that involve a possible Section 47 enquiry a referral should be made immediately to the Police Child Protection Team. The agencies responsible for holding a Strategy Meeting and forming an investigative team will make a decision about the need for immediate action to protect the child or any other children in the foster home. Immediate action could include the need for medical examination, Police or Emergency Protection Orders and / or formal interviews.

5.5 A Strategy Meeting should be convened immediately the allegation is made or within a maximum of two working days.

5.6 Any allegation of abuse made in these circumstances should not be dismissed or minimised, particularly if it emanates from a child who is in care. A child in care has the same right to protection as any other child in the community. Allegations made in these circumstances require a level of response that reflects the seriousness of the allegation.

5.7 When the child concerned is in the care of the Local Authority, or the carer, against whom the allegations are being made, is a member of staff of one of the investigating agencies, consideration should be given to introduce an independent element to the investigative team eg a member of staff not involved in the line management of those working with that carer or staff member.

5.8 When the allegations relate to Foster Carers, the Social Services Directorate should consider forming the investigative team from an area other than that which has responsibility for the child in question or in which the child is placed. The investigative team should be supervised and managed by senior officers of their department who have particular knowledge and training with regard to child protection work.

5.9 The ability to protect children by removing the alleged perpetrator should be considered or this may be achieved by the application of disciplinary procedures and suspension from duty. The carer’s immediate line manager should ensure that the issue of support for the member of staff is considered.


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  1. this ariticle was great to tell the procedures of what is SOPOSE to happen, but what happens when a foster parent lies and then all paperwork show that a child was just “interested in sex”?? and then the childs sibling also gets sexually abused because no one followed up on the first! THis is happening and has happend alot it needs to be addressed…

    Comment by Tanya — March 8, 2010 @ 11:56 am | Reply

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