March 12, 2010

What a great result.

Filed under: Secret family courts — nojusticeforparents @ 4:19 am

I have just recieved this message i will keep the ladies identity confidential but i wanted to share her good news.

hi there just to day thank you for everything after 10 months we finally got our grandkids back who were secretly going to be be adopted. 10 months ago i did not have a clue how ss worked are what a care order was but after a hard fight and the groups ive joined through you ive been well well educated ,keep fighting and now i know a lot more how the system works if i can be any help i would like to still be in your friends list god bless you ,your a very strong woman most of all good luck xxxxxx

I want to wish this lady and her grandchildren many years of happiness.


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  1. PRAISE THE LORD!!!! What a lovely way to start the day, seeing children grasped out of the talons of the childstealers!

    Now that there are so many groups all over the place, explaining what these criminals do, and giving advice on how to stop their criminal activities, the UK is all set to be a safer place for families!

    This really is wonderful news.

    Comment by Zoompad — March 12, 2010 @ 8:35 am | Reply

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