March 28, 2010

Another Staffordshire Mother Comes Forward

I am 34 yrs old and a single parent to 2 beautifull girls who have always been my greatest pleasure in life. Ive had a couple of relationships since the the birth of my first child 17 yrs ago. I gave birth to my second child 2003 and got married 2004, however this only lasted 6 months, he was a violent controlling bully. I was divorced 6 months later. Needless to say he never bothered with his daughter again, he never emotinally supported my daughter neither did he  financially supported her. We never heard from him again.

The LA involement in my familys life started when my eldest daughter was playing up a bit, there were no major concerens she was just behaving as  normal 15 yr olds do.
The LA never offered her any help or support, not that i would of wanted this any way, but surly this is an obligation the LA are obliged to do.
She is now doing great she is studying her A levels and has a part time job at the  weekends. The only thing lacking in her life is her little sister, these 2 girls had a fabulous bond which has now been destroyed by the  LA.

In aprill 2009 The LA held a secret court were they decided to place my yougest child on an ico their fraudlent claims are that of neglect they claim school attendence although she had a good attentendance at school, she had also just had her leval 5 assesment done were she was found to be OUTSTANDING as a five year, since her forciable removal she  now has a special learner every day at school her teacher says she is unable to concentrate. She was out of nappies at 2 yrs old however lately has had a couple of accidents were she has wet her self. These are so blantley the effects of being denied her loving mother. My baby is so stressed and wants to come home it is shocking.

The LA asked her if she wanted to meet her dad when they removed her she did not, however their brain washing has taken its toll and ten months later she has met him.

There are four police reports in the court bundle were this man a severly beaten me, there are pictures were he has put cigerttes out on my face urinated on me and so on .

The genius in the ss now think it is a great idea to place my daughter in his home to live permenently the police reports do not get a mention in court, rehashing old evidence they say, if we have not been able to adress them how can they be old evidence.
His police file has not been pulled, He also has another x wife and another 2 children which are not mentioned, WHY.

My final hearing april and their final evidence says they want my daughter to live with this man, on a supervision order, they will then cut my contact to once a fortnight still stricly supervised of course. That is the plan for the first year, then what contact i will be allowed i dont know.




  1. They are complicit in the crime for financial gain. They know exactly what they are doing.
    What they need to know thou, is when this does come out in full, ALL involved will be held to accountable.
    I was only following my remit, wont wash.

    We do give a dame “We won’t allow the state to coverup the Hollie Greig paedophile scandal” (facebook), or google Hollie Greig.

    Comment by Tommy — March 29, 2010 @ 12:45 pm | Reply

  2. Now here is yet another story of Staffordshire Social Services giving an abusive man custody , submitting concocted evidence , not bothering with police files and children suffering.
    Is there some social experiment they are conducting in Trauma ?
    Bunch of Sadists and Paedophiles ?
    They hand children to abusive men , children are abused in their care, women are driven to ill health and poor Willow Simpson hung herself.
    Noone gives a damn !!

    Comment by nojusticeforparents — March 28, 2010 @ 2:33 am | Reply

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