April 8, 2010

£70k council pay-out to abused twin sisters

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£70k council pay-out to abused twin sisters
Last updated: 08/04/2010 13:42
TWIN sisters Helen Stuckey and Sarah Walsh, who were horrifically abused by their foster father, have received £70,000 in compensation from Staffordshire County Council.
Twins Helen Stuckey and Sarah WalshThe pair, who live in Stafford, say they were driven to the brink of suicide when the local authority put them in the care of a dad from hell.
During 15 years of “terrifying beatings, sexual abuse and starvation” the girls clung desperately to each other for support.
Meanwhile, social workers failed to intervene – despite SEVEN reports of physical abuse and even THREE admissions of guilt.
Helen said: “It’s like a large weight has been lifted. The council won’t admit that this was their fault but the fact they have given us this money at least means we can now try to get on with our lives.” From the age of two, Helen and Sarah say they were regularly thrashed. And their warped foster dad sexually abused Sarah between the ages of five and 16.
Social services didn’t know about the sexual abuse but Helen and Sarah claim it would have stopped if they had been taken away from their foster home.
The council is refusing to admit full liability saying the payout is for “help and support”.
Helen added: “It doesn’t seem to me that the child comes first.
“Social services received reports from our school, the police and the NSPCC during the period of our abuse but never stepped in to take us away.
“It feels like we have received no help and support throughout our recovery. There needs to be an investigation.” The twins say social services admitted in 1988 that they were worried about who was looking after them during the daytime. However, no action was taken. In 1994 the foster father agreed to stop using corporal punishment. Again no action was taken.
Meanwhile, the twins, who were too scared to say anything, were being punched by their drunken foster father.


  1. There seems to be a lot of survivors coming forward talking about
    things that happened to them as defenceless children. So much then for
    foster care. Does not sound like much positive care was happening for
    these twins does it?. In one door and out of the other into another. A
    revolving door of “secret abuse” not acted on properly. Just like the
    father who impregnated his daughters was it nineteen times?. But SS
    and police officers were too “bummy” to save them. Hmm. Seems like these ss departments are choosy who they “help”. If that is what they call it? It is no good holding press conferences now. Its far too late. These girls will live with this for the rest of there lives.

    Comment by melizza moore — April 8, 2010 @ 4:33 pm | Reply

  2. 70k is an insult given that this lot have contributed to ruining the sisters lives, I think that no amount of money can compensate but at least a million should be paid to make the rest of their lives easier.

    Comment by Sabina Heywood — April 8, 2010 @ 4:13 pm | Reply

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