May 2, 2010


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Mrs Docherty

13 October 2009

Dear Sir or Madam,

In the wake of the people speaking out against the abuses of the
secret family courts and forced adoption of children to strangers,
instead of being retained within their real natural families. I
would like to know how your authority compares to others in
fulfilling your responsibilities to families & their children.

(a) How many individuals have been taken to court by your authority
in-order to gag them. To stop them from speaking out about the
injustices they have suffered at the hands of the council
children’s social services and secret family courts. Provide all
records to-date that are held.

(b) How much did these gagging order injunctions cost the rate

(c) Who is responsible for actioning these enforcement orders by
the council, i.e. who signs the applications for court.

(d) How many parents /relatives/individuals have received further
sanctions for breaking these gagging orders.

(e) Are any of these decisions to gag/sanction taken by unelected
local authority officers responsible for children’s social care,
finance, legal or any other relevant department.

(f) If councillors make these decisions at which meeting(s) are
these discussed.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs Docherty

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Angela Wileman

1 October 2009

Dear Sir or Madam,

Dear Sir or Madam,

Under the freedom of information act I would like to know numerical
statistics in order by year during the period of 1998 to 2008 (or
as far back as you can go) for the following;

1) how many children were taken into local authority care on
interim care orders and emergency protection orders under the
catagory of emotional harm during the above period ? i do not wish
you to include any children for any other catagories of harm/abuse.

2)Out of these children who were taken into care for emotional harm
how many of them were specifically for domestic violence between
their parents? again i do not wish you to include children who had
violence directed at them as that would fall into a different
catagory being physical abuse.

3)Out of these children who were put into care for domestic
violence how many were returned to family or extended family ?

4)Out of these how many children were put on full care orders?

5)of the children put on full care orders how many were adopted
during these periods.

Yours faithfully,

Angela Wileman

Yours faithfully,

Angela Wileman

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  1. I thank God for intelligent women who won’t take injustice perpertrated against themselves or their children lying down: such as Angela Wileman, Jane , Barbara Richards, Maureen Spalek, Linda McDermot to name but a few: Your names will go down in history my dears for your strength and tenacity in the face of an evil ‘regime’ and above all the fact you are fighting so hard for your children is enough to prove that you love your children more than anything in the world: I am proud to be associated with you and honoured that you call yourselves my friend. Sabina

    Comment by Sabina Heywood — May 3, 2010 @ 2:43 am | Reply

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