May 24, 2010

Well.well,well Peter Traves vindicated again ( and yes he still will not accept any responsibility ) even after his sudden departure

Boss of Staffordshire social services defends team in Spanish murder ordeal

May 24 2010 by Emma McKinney, Birmingham Mail
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THE boss of Staffordshire Social Services has denied any blame over the two children found dead in a Spanish hotel room.
Court officials say Lianne Smith, 43, has confessed to suffocating her children Rebecca, five, and Daniel, 11 months, at the resort of Lloret de Mar last Tuesday.
On the same day the children were discovered dead, their father Martin Smith, who was on Britain’s Most Wanted list after skipping bail in January 2008, was extradited back to Britain to face charges of having sex with a girl under 16.
Lianne Smith is believed to be on suicide watch in jail in Girona, Spain, and to be eating and drinking very little.
A Girona police spokeswoman said: “She tried to commit suicide before police arrested her.”
Staffordshire Police have said the force had originally attempted to trace Mrs Smith and her daughter after they left their Lichfield home in 2007, but failed to do so. It is understood Staffordshire Social Services had been monitoring the family.
Peter Troves, whose staff face a police probe over the matter, quit as head of the department three weeks ago. He said: “At the time there was nothing to indicate the family would abscond.
“We believe our action was appropriate given our understanding of the case at the time. At no time was the daughter at risk here – our social workers did a good job.”
Mrs Smith has told officials she suffocated the children to prevent them from being taken into care when her husband was sent back to Britain.
Mr Smith appeared before Carlisle magistrates last Wednesday charged with 13 sexual offences and one of jumping bail.

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  1. Those social workers have been kept much too busy hassling families where there is no child abuse at all to help those poor little children.

    Take my family, for example. A man (freemason) rapes an adult child abuse survivor, and then spends years stalking his victim by maliciously taking her to court, and forcing the Social Services department to investigate the woman, even though everybody is well aware that the man has mental health problems pertaining to being a psychopath, as it is there in black and white on not just one, but TWO psychological reports. You would think that all the alarm, bells would be ringing, but no – his freemason status and membership of the NuNazi Labour Party makes him exempt from the proper judicial penelties which rapists and stalkers are meant to face, according to the written law of the land.

    So valuble social services time is wasted on the harrassment of a Christian lady who, although she might be a little unconventional in the way she dresses, (that one is in case that malicious liar Joanna Simpson Blake is reading this, she said I was “dishevelled”, silly old cow wants to have a good hard look at herself in the mirror, if she can get her mug into perspective long enough without cracking it), and she might be a little vulnerable in certain areas because of the scars left behind from being abused as a child – nevertheless, she is a good mother, and certainly is not in need of repeated visits from Social Services, it is just a waste of everyone’s time.

    So Peter Traves thinks his staff did a good job, does he? Personally, I do have some sympathy with the social workers who are forced to work under such appalling conditions, due to them being pressurised by people of ill intent, what a horrible job it must be, the fear of losing your job if you refuse to do things which you are well aware are wrong. I did think about training to be a social worker at one time, because, as a child abuse victim, I really wanted to help people who fell through the net, as I did when I was young. I am so glad that I did not do it, as I think if I had been forced to work under such conditions I would have probably had a nervous breakdown.

    One day, all the corruption in the Social Services departments all over the country is going to be common knowledge, and that day is not too far away now.

    Comment by Zoompad — May 24, 2010 @ 9:00 pm | Reply

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