June 4, 2010

article from cannock chase post

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Yesterday at 21:11
Every organisation in this democratic land is accountable to someone- with the exception of Social Services.
What’s more, because of the Draconian regulations bestowed on this body, the press is, more often than not, ‘muzzled’ from reporting those activities. Yet, in courtrooms throughout the length and breadth of this land- courtrooms without Juries, they are given the ultimate power. They are given the power to take a child away from it’s mother.
In many instances it is the right course of action. In many instances Social services have been castigated for not taking action: The Baby P case in particular.
But, make no mistake, that horrific case where a child was tortured to death at the hands of his mother, boyfriend and their lodger, has seen an air of paranoia sweep through Social Services corridors. It is no coincidence that there has been a massive increase in the number of local children taken into foster care. And paranoid people make hasty decisions. Paranoid people make mistakes.
I am becoming increasingly uneasy about the number of desperate parents who approach this paper in an attempt to get their kids back. Some don’t even want that- they just want to see their kids regularly.
The lack of avenues of appeal open to these individuals flies in the face of open ‘transparent’ justice. A criminal is innocent until proven guilty. A parent who falls foul of social services is guilty, until proven innocent.
Last week Big Dave was approached by a mum who, legally, we cannot identify.
Her two children, aged four and two, were taken into foster care in March. She last saw them in November.
She was recently informed a meeting to discuss adoption proceedings was taking place- a meeting she was not allowed to attend. Then this week came the bombshell news that her kids have been adopted. She will not be given the name or address of the couple. She has seen her children taken from her, prevented from seeing them, then given new parents in just over a year.
I have no intention of debating this local woman’s fitness to be a parent. The mechanics of wrenching her offspring away must be scrutinised, however.
That is because it is flawed. ‘Closed’ courts are, by their very nature, secret. Depriving a mother of her kids is too monumetal a decision to be ‘cloaked in secrecy’.
By all means prevent the press from reporting on these cases, but allow them into the courtroom. Allow these cases to be heard by a jury.
Quite simply, social services have an inordinate amount of power. That amount of power would be acceptable if we knew they never make mistakes, but they do. They have made monumental errors.
And, because of the stringent laws that Social Services are protected by, those parent who feel wronged cannot speak out. We, the press, cannot speak out for them. Take a step back from the hysteria surrounding the Baby P case and ask yourselves…is that justice? Hand on heart, I don’t think it is
i wonder who the culprits might be cannock nazi branch ? sarah peace ? answers on a postcard please


  1. Well done Cannock Chase Post for publishing this article!

    Comment by Zoompad — June 4, 2010 @ 12:27 pm | Reply

  2. Brilliant article

    Comment by melthemoocher — June 4, 2010 @ 10:04 am | Reply

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