October 20, 2010

cannock social services

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owing to the unnecessary criticism yvette waterfield ( ex cornwall social worker ) likes to give out and her hostile attitude ( obviously after being briefed about cases by sarah peace and andrew jenkinson i have reinstated this blog as i feel it will asist with her training and employment within staffordshire social services to learn that there are many criticisms about the authority which she chooses to act for.

note to parents: andrew jenkinson has now been transferred to newcastle social services in staffordshire.

anyone with information on any of the above regarding mishandling of cases , lies , failures in statutory duties,contempt of court , harrassment, victimisation, abuse please email:

has sarah peace failed to hold staff involved in your case accountable for their actions ?

if so please email the above address.

note to sally rees et al ………….. when you start holding your staff accountable for their actions and the cannock team start treating parents with dignity and respect then just maybe all blogs and bad publicity will start to diminish.


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