April 27, 2011

MP John Hemming outs Doncaster council over injunction

MP John Hemming outs Doncaster council over injunction

The row over the use of injunctions intensified on Tuesday when an MP used parliamentary privilege to name horse-racing figure Vicky Haigh as being gagged by a council.

Liberal Democrat MP John HemmingLiberal Democrat MP John Hemming

Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming told the Commons that Doncaster council has been trying to ‘imprison’ Ms Haigh, who is eight months pregnant, for speaking against them.

He said: ‘Vicky Haigh, who is a horse trainer and previously a jockey, was the subject of an attempt by Doncaster Council to imprison her for speaking at a meeting in parliament.’

The terms of the injunction prevent any further details being disclosed.

Speaker John Bercow urged Mr Hemming to speak to him privately, telling the MP: ‘I don’t intend to have a discussion on the floor of the House.’

Ms Haigh is also prevented from talking about the details.

But she told Metro: ‘It has been so stressful. I have worked with animals all my life and I wouldn’t treat an animal in the way they have treated me.

‘They are so inhumane. They are barbaric. They seem to thrive on making my life hell.’

Mother-of-one Ms Haigh, 40, from Doncaster, is due to give birth to her second child in three weeks.

She said more than £20,000 saved for her wedding this summer has been spent on defending herself in the High Court in London.

Speaking to Metro last night, Mr Hemming, who previously named former Royal Bank of Scotland chief executive Sir Fred Goodwin as the subject of a super-injunction, said he would continue to raise the issue.

He said: ‘I’m planning to carry on exposing the names of those who have been silenced. Parliament makes the law in this country.’

Doncaster council was unavailable for comment last night.

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  1. The British establishment praise themselves that Britain is the mother of democracy, the founder of justice and the protector of freedoms. What a load of Bull—t as many of us have found out to our fateful expense, loosing home and family, friends and businesses because the Great British courts, the judges and the lawyers are simply not administering unbiased and fair justice. Justice they say is blind, ’tis not hustice that is blind, but the willing blindness of the judges, who have been prepared to meet out injustice against the citizen (man on the Clapham omnibus) in preferrence for more preferred clients anD for financial gain. Judges are failing to honour the words “without fear or favour, bias or ill will” preferring to swear their allegiance to the crown rather to the upholding of truth and justice. Britain runs “courts” that are not courts where hearings are conducted behind closed doors by a single judge without due consideration of the evidence; as judge Evans-Lombe said in his court back in May 2000, he gave his order to the opposition because it was his TURN to have a win.
    Magna Carta was created to curb the tyrannical power of the monarch AND HIS/HER AGENTS ie the JUDGES, and it also gave certain rights and protections for the citizen. In 1970, the Labour government decided to repeal most of Magna Carta to remove the control it imposed upon the state. The self protection clause in Magna Carta means that Britain has had no legitimate government since 1970, and since 1970 judges and lawyers have overridden the law.. This fact alone means that Britain has had no legitimate government since 1970, but THEY don’t want you to know this!

    Comment by Paul Talbot-Jenkins — May 3, 2011 @ 1:54 pm | Reply

  2. I wonder whether the British need to ‘save face’ might be successful once enough ‘subjects’ or citizens are courageous enough to sign the Public Inquiry into White Collar Crimes?


    Comment by Sabine Kurjo McNeill — May 2, 2011 @ 2:03 pm | Reply

  3. The British establishment boasts that it is the mother of democracy, freedom and justice, THIS AN IDLE BOAST. We have proven time and time again that the “establishment” is neither fair nor just while courts are refusing to keep records of court hearings, judges, lawyers, police and insolvency practitioners are ignoring the rules and the law laid down for the protection of the rights of citizens, rights and justice gained by blood shed by generations over the centuries. The British pubic are being sleep walked into a new slavery. Remember who THEY are – T-he H-ierachy E-nslaving Y-ou. Most of Magna Carta was repealed in 1970 with the express intention of removing from the citizen the rights and protection afforded by that Great Charter while also removing the restraint it imposed upon the crown/monarch. But since the “Crown” is merely a symbol of the state, the state has unfettered powers to do as it pleases through its agents such as judges, lawyers, bankers, police and the courts. For some examples of this disregard for rights and justice read some of the case histories at

    Comment by Paul Talbot-Jenkins — May 2, 2011 @ 10:54 am | Reply

  4. Patrick Cullinane speaks the truth. Our system of justice is so hopelessly corrupt that I believe that only God Almighty can, and will,bring an end to this evil ans satanic system. Please see Mathew 24.

    Comment by Colin Peters — May 2, 2011 @ 1:21 am | Reply

  5. Dear All,

    Vicky Haigh is a European Community Citizen and has guaranteed rights in Union law to an independent and impartial tribunal previously established by law: – Article 47 of the EU Charter of Fundamental rights.

    The UK Member State is seriously breaching Ms Haigh’s and EVERYONES’ Fundamental Rights in Union laws, as Her Majesty’s Corporate Kangaroo Courts are NOT independent and impartial tribunals previously established by law.

    There is a mammoth Conspiracy against us Community Citizens in the UK, as Her Majesty’s Judges, Police, Solicitors, Barristers etc are swearing their oath of allegiance, not to uphold the rule of law, but to uphold the CROWN.

    Please note: The national courts in the UK are blatantly refusing to transfer cases to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg for a ruling. Which is a further violation of Union laws: –

    Why have we got 650 MPs in the UK; if they are shackled by their oath of allegiance to the CROWN and will NOT do anything about this systemic HM corruption???

    Viviane Reding the Vice-President of the EU Commission informs us that it is the task of the national courts to identify whether the implementation of EU rules is in issue. In case of doubt, the national courts MUST refer the questions of Union law (including the application of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union) to the European Court of Justice for a ruling:

    Community Citizens in the UK will NEVER get fair hearings and justice until the European Court of Justice rules on the CONSPIRATOTIAL oaths of allegiance of ALL our Civil Servants to the CROWN: – This is a CRIMINAL breach of God’s laws, Union laws and every law in the WORLD.

    Patrick Cullinane.

    Comment by Patrick Cullinane — May 1, 2011 @ 3:27 pm | Reply

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