February 8, 2012


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Brian Gerrish

Ian Joesphs from Forced Adoption speaks out

Jack Frost author of Gulag Of The Family Courts speaks out

Open Mike Session Parents Speak Out

Kevin Annett speaks out

Robert Green

Brian Gerrish


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  1. the social worker named Julie ball is under investigation . she made to report s one report shesaid I needed to have supervised contact wich she never came to any of the meeting she said I needed to go to pareting classes.after I caredformy childforsixandhalfyeraswith no concernsfrom any one . she recomended my first child can stay with her father andmy second child canstay with me . cause she had no concerns regarding my secondchild who was only 4 months old, at the time . but concerns regarding my parenting over my first child. when allthis was going on social services had sent me a letter. saying they dont have any concerns regarding the care of my children . If I am not fit to look after my first childthen surly I wouldent have any of my children in my full time care.. Juli ball in my view is anexample why people dread hearing the name. social services .she should be sacked for what she as done. I think it isdiscusting how she as treated meandmy famliy . mrs b should be ashamedof herself and he rapporling behaviour

    Comment by susan — December 19, 2012 @ 12:41 pm | Reply

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