May 25, 2012

Anyone with feedback on Staffordshire Social Services Family workers

My child nearly suffered injury three times by a family worker who works in care and court planning team.

1. She failed to strap child into buggy causing child to fall out .

2. She failed to remove tray from highchair and pulled child out of chair causing child extreme pain and sctaches on her legs.

3. She places hot drinks on floor where child is playing .

4. She used contact time to get her own personal photographs .

5. all she does in contact is plays SODOKU

And these idiots are meant to supervide us and they don’t know even the basics of safety and wellbeing for our children ?



  1. i have evidence of corrupt ss, court gaurdian, school, its shocking , stoke-on-trent ss took our two girls 11, 10, into care, in seven days my partner has had 1 quick phone call, and 1x1n half our moniterd access,,, we are in court again on friday 20th june 2014, stoke-on trent crown court,family court inside. theres lots to say what has gone on,all evidence is screaming corrupt kiddy snatchers,,, this is sickining whats happening. please halp or advise.,,,, this is the second time i have posted about this on here today, the first on has been deleted.

    Comment by david john chapman — June 15, 2014 @ 5:18 pm | Reply

  2. Similar things here they used in their ‘anti parent’ campaigns.

    A ‘support worker’ twice injured my son at Evolve children’s centre Staffordshire.

    1. After me entrusting him in her care and advising ‘be careful as he’s starting to walk and sits upright on his knees, watch he doesn’t fall forward’ she let go of him and watched him fall face first into a solid wooden castle. This was documented as ‘bumped his head, father over reacted and was aggressive’.

    2. Propped open a fire door, at the same Evolve ‘children’s centre’, removed the cushion, my son darted for the door and she walked over him, he got there just in time for it to close on his fingers, I ran, she stood there, she ‘didn’t see him’ as she stepped over him, wrote extremely negative ‘reports’ such as ‘gave out of time milk, despite being told several times’ and other damaging nonsense, spent most of contacts playing on her netbook or doing work, whilst sneering at us over her glasses and writing furiously, negatives for court whilst my son got upset and was clawing at the heavy locked doors wanting to go out. ‘father allowed accident, wasn’t watching him, was aggressive’.

    Instead of helping, they all just ran about, watching security footage, that I was denied access to, banned me, and my son from ALL Evolve children’s centres, and stopped him going to the morning playgroup’s where he had made friends, after I told them everyday, even today if you were to go there, and I have sent people in to take photographs, they prop open fire doors. They prop open fire doors all week, and when this happened what did they do? Ban me and punish my son, and claim they were only propped open AFTER the incident to ‘provide an escape route from me, as I was upset’!!!!

    Fabricated, damaging LIES.

    Who cared or wanted to know any of this at Evolve Children’s Centre or Staffordshire SS, or about my sons ‘distress caused, injury, emotional harm’?

    After the second incident, at the end of contact, he was still crying his heart out, clinging to me as tight as he could, and you know what they tried to do? Pull him off me, times up now, foster carers have to go, the foster carer tried to ‘awww come here son’ and he cried harder and was AFRAID of them all. He clung on tighter and I TOLD them, were sitting right here on the grass until I’m happy he’s ok and settled’ He fell asleep in my arms.

    Contacts were stopped soon after that.

    They buried it and just banned me, refused to answer my email.

    They give all ‘potential prospectors’ a permanent file on parents, medical files, negative reports entirely fabricated by them, your address, name, DOB, criminal records, to any one.

    Her name, the ‘support worker’ was Sharon Dring, her Collegial ‘cover agent’ who now apparently ‘feels so guilty’ yet none of them have come forward to say they were told to lie was Julia Kennerley.

    Comment by We Want Answers — May 25, 2012 @ 7:36 pm | Reply

    • hun i have experience of family workers less qualified than the parents to supervise them for example Wendy Francis after all the todo with cot death placed my child at risk in a cot ….. they are muppets

      Comment by nojusticeforparents — May 25, 2012 @ 7:53 pm | Reply

  3. Feedback also welcomed on Staffordshire Police have they failed you in anyway and Stafford and Rural Homes

    Comment by nojusticeforparents — May 25, 2012 @ 8:20 am | Reply

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