May 28, 2012

Stafford College and the Bigwigs that get Big V The Students struggling To Learn.

There seems to be a media blackout in Staffordshire regarding the reporting of the truth when concerned with corruption or exposure of any corporate bodies. 

Staffordshire Newsletter and the Express and Star do not report the truth and sadly the only newspaper with any backbone the Stafford Post has been closed as part of the Mirror Trinity group.

It appears that that it is left to truth seekers like myself to do some real journalism and expose what is going on rather than relying on propaganda spouted by corporate sponsored newspapers .

On my travels today I was informed by an anonymous source that Stafford College is in debt by 2.5 Million. 

A recent Ofsted report on the college failed the management of the college and recommended that the Principle of the college Mr Steve Willis should leave.

Mr Willis is on a wacking £147,000 a year that is more than the prime minister.

In a meeting last week the Board of Governor’s rejected him leaving and wait for it ……………. Decided to give him a pay rise ?

If that was not enough the college in debt already of £2.5 million has spent 15 million on a new building only to replace 3 floors of concrete with another 3 floors of concrete.

While we have students struggling to get money to fund courses, ema cuts and facing huge debt when they get employment if they are even lucky enough to during this social climate.

This is yet another example of the rich looking after their own and sod the rest of you . Prime example being new council building .Image


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