May 30, 2012

I was threatned with homelessness by the council because social services kept me in institutions for 11 months and while here they acknowledge domestic violence my child was placed with his father while the father was on license from prison for glassing someone in face and possession of a knife despite the fact that social services failed him in their own viability assessment

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  1. Yea, wth is up with that? It is just so commonplace, it cannot be understood as logical, or rational, therefore there must be something subversive about this entire scenario.. , which is played out over and over again with both CPS AND FAMILY COURT.

    So, many of us have similar stories. I am trying to pull everyone together so we can become a force. You have your blog, I have my blog, mothers have their blogs all over the place, but there is one place where we can pull all mothers together so we can support each other and educate each other so we know that there are answers, and where there aren’t any, WE WILL MAKE THEM.

    Please find me and friend me on fb or send a message to MY blog and I will respond. I am on the verge of taking a few days off from being online, I am not making enough progress in any area of my life, and the groups are in maintenance mode right now and there are enough people there to keep things going.

    Please take time to find me. My blog is


    Comment by Deborah Parks — May 30, 2012 @ 7:55 am | Reply

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