June 1, 2012

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Demand Justice for Families Torn Apart by Fraudulent Psychiatrist


Demand Justice for Families Torn Apart by Fraudulent Psychiatrist

  • signatures: 154
  • signature goal: 1,000

Dr George Hibbert knowingly misdiagnosed hundreds of parents as mentally ill, leading authorities to take their children away. He is currently being investigated by the General Medical Council, who have not yet made any charges against him. 

Meanwhile, there has been little attention given to the story (although there is one story in the Daily Mail) and so far there is no discussion about what led local councils or social security to accept his diagnoses, there have been no changes to the system that allowed this to happen, and no steps have been taken to return these children to their parents.

These parents were grievoulsy wronged. Hibbert should be jailed, the children returned to their original families (and those families should be monetarily compensated as well for their grief) and the system that allowed this to occur should be scutinized and seriously reformed.

Demand justice for these families! 





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we signed “Demand Justice for Families Torn Apart by Fraudulent Psychiatrist”

# 150
04:08, May 30, Mrs. Karen Hughes-stainsby, United Kingdom
# 149
09:52, May 29, Mrs. Cleide Zappa, United Kingdom
# 148
18:43, May 27, Ms. Maria Portugal, Brazil
# 147
10:59, May 25, Mrs. june lipscombe, United Kingdom
# 146
15:15, May 24, Claire Turner, United Kingdom
# 145
04:35, May 24, Mrs. Sue Vaughan, United Kingdom
This is disgusting & he should be fired or jailed & give the children back to their families, from another who is fighting a lying psychiatrist for her kids
# 144
17:44, May 23, Luciane Amancio, Brazil
# 143
05:47, May 22, Deborah Camp, United Kingdom
# 142
05:13, May 22, Name not displayed, Australia
# 141
01:54, May 22, Mrs. janette rathbone, United Kingdom
help stop families torn about by doctors and phychiatrists.
# 140
22:43, May 21, Clive Thompson, United Kingdom
# 139
22:39, May 21, Name not displayed, United Kingdom
# 138
17:56, May 21, Ms. Denisia Lima, United Kingdom
# 137
12:52, May 21, Mr. Sam Sutton, United Kingdom
Please sign and share.
# 136
11:21, May 21, Mrs. Izabella Vianna, United Kingdom
# 135
10:20, May 21, Mariana Camarotte, United Kingdom
# 134
10:11, May 21, Name not displayed, United Kingdom
Vulnerable people need to be able to trust mental health professionals as few enough dare to approach mental health services when they are in a crisis. If they cannot do this lives will be put at risk and families torn apart. People abusing their professional knowledge in such a way should be punished by the full force of the law as an example to others.
# 133
10:01, May 21, Mrs. C suttonCSutton, United Kingdom
# 132
09:22, May 21, Name not displayed, United Kingdom
I think he should be ashamed of himself how would like his children dragged away from him
# 131
09:22, May 21, Mrs. Emilia Brumini, United Kingdom
# 130
09:20, May 21, Ms. Vania Gay, United Kingdom
# 129
08:47, May 21, Ms. Marta Fernandes, United Kingdom
# 128
04:27, May 21, Virgina Cunha, United Kingdom
# 127
00:31, May 21, Claudia O’neill, United Kingdom
# 126
03:01, May 19, Ms. michelle winiarski, United Kingdom
this is terrible he tore familys apart for money!
# 125
14:43, May 17, E hands, United Kingdom
# 124
09:34, May 15, Mrs. joanne kahveci, United Kingdom
# 123
04:01, May 15, Mr. Angus Ogilvy, United Kingdom
We Demand Justice for these families !!!
# 122
19:33, May 14, Sabina Heywood, United Kingdom
I think many people will now start to question what exactly has been going on here and how much more has, and indeed still is happening. The reason they are slow in investigating it is because it implicates many other so-called Profesionals involved and once they start digging it will be a real can of worms on a huge scale. JOIN ‘THE JUSTICE PARTY’ email for an application form as our first pledge is to return all children unlawfully taken from their families.
# 121
18:36, May 14, Mr. johnathon harker, United Kingdom
# 120
14:26, May 14, Ms. CLARE ROBERTS, United Kingdom
# 119
14:04, May 14, Mrs. janet hussain, United Kingdom
what a dispicable man
# 118
13:53, May 14, Name not displayed, United Kingdom
# 117
13:30, May 14, Mrs. louise lewis, United Kingdom
# 115
13:21, May 14, Ms. deborah hodkinson, United Kingdom
this is awful, my friend had her child taken away for no real reason, she is the best mum. these families need re looking at that was under that mans diagnosis
# 114
13:17, May 14, Mr. Malcolm Ggilvy, United Kingdom
Misdiagnosed !!! more like the man is as sinister as could be and prolly is apart of a nation wide child stealing pedo ring ” in my opinion ” Dr George Hibbert should be jailed and stripped of all his wordly good’s and the money given to his victims and survivors of his evil abuse .
# 113
13:12, May 14, Name not displayed, United Kingdom
Children are being snatched from loving homes.. this is WRONG
# 112
13:09, May 14, Name not displayed, United Kingdom
a friend of mine sent me the link on this matter after loosing my son to adoption 6months ago thru an assessment psychologist working for social services at lancashire county council had said that i needed to have cbt and psychodynamic therapy (of which im of full and sound mind) i think i need to look further into this matter.. but i must say it wasnt dr george hibbert of whom i saw.. i know what i am going through now and i wish for justice on all families in the same situation as myself
# 111
13:02, May 14, Ms. frances greenwood, United Kingdom
# 110
12:44, May 14, Mrs. lynne eynon, United Kingdom
i think these doctors ought to spend a bit more time assessing mother and child my daughters son lives with me because a doctor said that she would neglect him. #She never has she was a happy caring mother she has a personality disorder and traits of bipolar but she is the best ma i know for him i try but he need her i think this is happening all over i know some kids get neglected but being a concerned grand parent i would keep an eye on her and him but the services said no. authorities don’t listen not all are killers and some people love their kids and that’s what keeps them going or leads them to becoming normal
# 109
12:44, May 14, Mrs. alison webb, United Kingdom
# 108
12:39, May 14, Mrs. alison kemp, United Kingdom
what a disgrace !!!
# 107
12:39, May 14, Mrs. Helen Sumner, United Kingdom
# 106
12:35, May 14, debbie jackson, United Kingdom
This Man needs to thrugk off hes detroyed too many peoples lives
# 105
04:30, May 14, Mr. andrew peacher, United Kingdom
we need to support this lady and make sure dr hibbert knows of the pain and suffering he has caused with his lies he is like professor roy medows a coward a goverment poodle and hates the dysfuctional family shame on you george no wonder the nursery ryme with george in it is relevant to him
# 104
03:29, May 14, Mr. Roger Crawford, United Kingdom
As a campaigner for many years for fathers, mothers and children, I welcome this petition. I hope you get millions of signatures! We have to stop this (this is just the tip of the iceberg) by giving every parent a right, a presumption in law, to see their children.
# 103
01:44, May 14, Mr. Norman Scarth, Ireland
Fearing further attacks by the British Stasi, & that corrupt British judges & lawyers may again seek the assistance of shrinks who are puppets of The State, at the age of 86 I have been forced to flee the land of my birth – THE LAND FOR WHICH I FOUGHT IN BLOODY BATTLE IN WORLD WAR 2 – & seek asylum abroad! Email
# 102
19:27, May 13, Ms. Lisa Gilbert, United Kingdom
I lost my children because of a man like this. People like this need to be made accountable for the misery they cause.
# 101
12:59, May 13, Mr. Jerry Lonsdale, United Kingdom
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  1. I am a father from South Wales who loves his son. ‘Mr’ William Galen Ives received over £3700 to invent my ‘disorders’ he read incomplete medical files, and wrote his short report and took his money.

    Staffordshire social services Jaqui Sims offered my partner £365 when she told them she will commit suicide over what they have done to her. ‘why would you want to do that’ is what they said.


    Why will NO ONE HEAR US!

    We will not lie down and be silent any more.

    One way or another we WILL be heard.

    Someone MUST hear each and every single one of us.

    Before it is too late.

    Comment by lulz — June 4, 2012 @ 8:06 am | Reply

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