June 4, 2012

“In the best interest of the child”: 64,400 children in ‘care’ for £3 billion

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Posted on April 28, 2012

It would be nice to have these kind of statistics in comparison with other countries. But anywhere in the world, statistics hide weeping children and pining parents on one side and Social Workers, legal teams, foster carers, contacts centres and adoption agencies who make a living out of this £3 billion ‘industry’.

Here’s the 11-page report Children in Care in England: Statistics from the House of Commons Library. Page 9 is a neat summary of gross expenditure:

  • the cost per child rose from £22,343 in 2000/01 to £37,669 in 2009/10
  • the cost of children’s homes from £694.7m to £969.4m
  • secure accommodation from £17.8m to £26.0m
  • fostering services from £550.6m to £1253.1m.

An embarrassing note is that Black Ethnic minorities are overrepresented in the statistics…

In 2010, The Telegraph published Care costs for children are higher than Eton fees, says Big Issue Founder.

The Panorama film The Truth about Adoption quoted £150/day.

The National Adoption Agency up for Sale article values the  business at £135 million.

In the case of the Musas, I can’t help but quote

  1. African Publicity and other Public Support who put the identities of the six children into the public domain
  2. the whistleblower who had said to Christopher Booker from The Telegraph that the Council had falsely accused the mother, but that it was vital to continue to justify its actions
  3. Jeremy Bentham (1748 – 1832):

In the darkness of secrecy, sinister interest and evil in every shape, have full swing. Only in proportion as publicity has place, can any of the checks, applicable to judicial injustice, operate.

Where there is no publicity there is no justice.


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