June 4, 2012

Protest against police corruption and unaccountability – 12th JUNE 2012 – LONDON #policecorruption #ipcc #protest #police

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Protest against police corruption and unaccountability – 12th JUNE 2012 – LONDON #policecorruption #

I am writing to bring your attention to a protest being organised against Police corruption and the lack of accountability with the current police complaints system.

The protest will be held at the conference ‘Policing 2012 – accountability and results’ on June 12th 2012 at;

Central Hall Westminster
Storey’s Gate

As the conference title seems to suggest ‘accountability’ will be on the agenda. We will be making it clear, from the perspective of the public, who suffer a police complaints system which is at best ineffective, there is currently NO accountability.

We would like to invite you to speak and address this peaceful gathering. The protest is a short walk from Parliament and you may come at any time during the day to suit your busy schedule. To give you an indication of the organisers behind this event, you may view the successful ‘Abolish the IPCC’ demonstration held on May 1st, linked below. This event received good coverage from the BBC and resulted in the Home Affairs select committee calling a public inquiry.

Speakers will be video’d and footage released to a sizeable and growing body of concerned people. Please feel free to get back to us if you require further information on the protest.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Doherty






    Comment by derek canning — June 12, 2012 @ 2:19 pm | Reply

  2. Open letter to all the police in the UK

    The only way forward is accountability and transparency.

    On a local level I know the police want to act in the public interest and to investigate the crimes of the RSPB but higher up the police are too concerned about not being seen to have made a mistake or being embarrassed and this has led to injustice and perverting the course of justice in a number of cases. I have had police officers apologising to me as they know I am right but they are being told not to speak to me from higher up. It is called a police cover and it is not in the public interest. If someone make a complaint and supplies evidence to back the complaint up then investigate the complaint or tell the complainant where he/she is wrong or mistaken, do not just ignore the complainant just because you do not have a good explanation why you will not investigate the complaint given matter of fact evidence.

    What is needed is transparency and accountable to the tax payer and the Independent Police Complaints Commission needs to be replaced with an organisation that is not a complete waste of tax payers money as it will not do anything to help the public that I have seen and I have dealt with them for 15 years. This may be why a hundred solicitors walked out on the IPCC. I have asked for the percentage of people that are happy with their service and they will not tell me however I have been unofficial told it is less than 10%. What other organisation that is funded by us can be allowed to have 90% dissatisfaction rate? The IPCC have even blocked my email address.

    We have the best police force in the world however there are still serious problem with the police that need to be addressed in the public interest otherwise we will continue have wrongful convictions and the real guilty parties like the RSPB getting away with breaking the law.

    This is not a complaint against the good police officers that I have met that wanted to help. You know who you are and your employers will not be told so you will not be victimised. We need to support the police in our interests but the police also need to support use and listen to us and most of all the police need to be accountable and explain why something is done or not done in detail. I want to be proud of our police force but the police need to give me a reason to be proud.

    I want justice for all and that includes the police and this will only happen with complete accountability to the public and I do not just mean cases in the papers like the Phone hacking case and the Stephen Lawrence case. In the aforesaid cases the police said nothing was wrong but when the media embarrassed them they then changed their mind. I hope however one extreme to another does not result in another injustice as we also need consistency of police investigations and not trophy trials. I know it is a hard balancing act and no one has the complete panacea and no one situation writes the book on policing but a good way forward is accountability and transparency.

    I would ask the police to talk openly to the public and not cover things up. Talk to me and the people that I represent. Go through the evidence I have supplied on my behalf and others and tell me where we the public are wrong and if you cannot then investigate our complaints in the public interest. The fact I can say what I have just said without the police beating me up to silence me gives me heart that we live in a free country to an extent but if the police were accountable and transparent then society would be a better and more a fairer place to live for us all including the police as they would regain the publics respect.

    Derek Canning LLB [hons]

    Comment by derek canning — June 10, 2012 @ 12:07 pm | Reply

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