September 25, 2012

Karen Schulp, Mark Tustin , Charlotte Coxon , Jane Bray and Nic Hull FAIL to follow court orders even after admitting to this lot

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Please see list below from Michelle, of the LA failures that you requested from her.
Helen Jarvis
Sent for and on behalf of Nigel Priestley
Ridley & Hall Solicitors
01484 538421
§  No multi agency approach ( working together, nice guidelines, )
§  No effort to co-ordinate with other children’s sw
§  No proper assessments (no core assessment)
§  No identification of family needs
§  No risk ass
§  No initial involvement with MHT
§  No meeting with sol , m and ss as recommended in the initial CPC
§  No working agreement
§  Refusal to provide respite
§  No increased nursery  provision
§  Inadequate communication between the agencies
§  No provision of therapy , Dr D suggested she was ready to undertake it
§  No consideration of other recommendations ,eg LA taking a different approach
§  Not following recommendations of chair
For and behalf of Ridley & Hall Solicitors
Queens House, 35 Market Street, Huddersfield, HD1 2HL
Telephone: 01484 538421  Dx Number 710083 Huddersfield 8     

stafford social worker tooled up with machete

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Man jailed after arming himself with machete


A CHILDREN’S social worker ‘tooled up’ with a machete started a violent brawl that left two people injured, a judge heard.

 Generic Online News 6Leroy Forde turned up at a house in Stafford with the machete and a golf club after being accused of an extra-marital affair.

 Householder Mr Darren Chevelleau (corr) opened the door to see Forde holding the machete and fearing he was about to be attacked, made a grab for it.

 The fracas that followed spilled over from the house in Friars Street to a nearby car park. Mr Chevelleau suffered a cut to his fingers that needed four stitches and his partner, Mandy Ormrod sustained cuts to her left wrist and knee.

 The defendant ran off when he heard the sound of police sirens and was arrested,covered in blood, at his home, said Miss Fiona Cortese, prosecuting.

 Forde, aged 33, of Alliance Street, Stafford, who admitted charges of unlawful wounding, possessing the machete and common assault on Ms Ormrod, was jailed for a total of 397 days.

 Judge Mark Eades told him: “During the course of the day there was an incident which appears to have involved your wife being told – whether correct or not I can’t comment – you were having an affair with another woman and you were under the impression your marriage was over.

 “Your reaction was an extreme one. I put to one side the fact you had donned camouflage outfit… you armed yourself with a machete, a long large weapons more consistent with a short sword and a golf club. The fact you were prepared to travel to Mr Chevelleau’s house with those two weapons speaks volumes.

 “The inevitable happened, things escalated and went completely out of control – the people in the house sought to restrain you and take those weapons off you. You ended up injured and they were injured.”

 Miss Cortese said the incident happened after Forde had been out celebrating the New Year in Stafford town centre.

 The defendant, who had been drinking heavily, went home and put on camouflage clothes to walk his dog, but then armed himself with the machete and golf club and went to Friars Street.

 In a basis of plea, Forde said he had no intention to use the weapons, but took them ‘for protection’. He didn’t have a problem with Mr Chevelleau, only wanting to talk about the allegations made about him.

 Mr Chris Clark, defending, said Forde had held a responsible job “working with vulnerable children for social services.”

 He was suspended in the wake of the incident. “That employment is no longer available to him,” said Mr Clark.

 “His wife is standing by him and they are attempting to make a new start. My client has made a valuable contribution to the community since coming to this country from Barbados. By these rash actions he’s put it wholly in jeopardy.”

Stafford children’s social worker jailed for machete attack

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September 24, 2012 4:59 pm

Stafford children’s social worker jailed for machete attack


A children’s social worker “tooled up” with a machete started a violent brawl that left two people injured, a judge heard.



Leroy Forde turned up at a house in Stafford with the machete and a golf club after being accused of an affair.

Householder Mr Darren Chevelleau opened the door to see Forde holding the machete and fearing he was about to be attacked, made a grab for it.

The fracas spilled from the house in Friars Street to a nearby car park. Mr Chevelleau suffered a cut to his fingers that needed stitches and his partner Mandy Ormrod sustained cuts to her left wrist and knee.

The defendant ran off when he heard police sirens and was arrested,covered in blood, at his home, said Miss Fiona Cortese, prosecuting.

Forde, aged 33, of Alliance Street, Stafford, admitted charges of unlawful wounding, possessing the machete and common assault on Ms Ormrod. He was jailed for a total of 397 days.

Mr Chris Clark, defending, said Forde had held a responsible job “working with vulnerable children for social services.” He was suspended after the incident.

September 23, 2012

17 years of hell at the hands of social servies Part 1

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17 years of hell at the hands of social servies Part 1

My story is in three parts, two of my daughter and one part of my grandson and is a continual catalogue of failing after failing by social workers from Greenwich Hospital, Kent County Council, Cornwall Social Services, Bournemouth Social Services and Dorset County Council.

It all began in 1994 when my now ex wife decided to stab me in the wrist with a pair of hairdressing scissors, I went into hiding in South London as I was in shock for some considerable time when my ex turned up waving a pregnancy certificate some months later having persuaded my mother to divulge my address.

Becky was nearly full term and her behaviour had not changed, it was still erratic, unstable, violent and I enlisted the help of Greenwich Hospital social services who I was advised was a really good step to take…

Famous last words sadly.

Becky has a severe personality disorder, she is one of three in her family with paranoid schizophrenia and she was ever so clever at playing the victim and she is very plausible, this is mentioned many times in the court records that whenever a new worker arrived on the case, she would do her little child lost victim routine and I may as well have been Charles Manson, Saddam Hussein and the Devil incarnate rolled into one.

The hospital social worker from Zimbabwe or somewhere like that could hardly speak English and she was very indoctrinated and launched straight away at me pinning the blame wholly on my shoulders for the violence in the family, Becky was very violent towards me over many years that has left me with 18 stab wound scars, broken bones and is partially blamed too for my severe PTSD.

Needless to say at that early stage, I became a target and continued to be until after Siana was born.

We moved out of South London to Gravesend into a hostel for families and the erratic behaviour and violence continued, quite publicly as well, our case was transferred to a Monica Dahl who like her predecessor could find no fault with the ex but every thing I did including breathing was wrong, it was during this time that Siana started to have “little” accidents and bruising, Monica ignored my pleas for help and said the mother was no risk.

We were thrown out of the hostel when my ex beat up two of the resident single mothers and the hostel’s manageress, we moved from property to property until the whole town was on the point of lynching her and we moved to Cornwall, partially to escape Monica.

The stress was getting to me and on Christmas day 1995 two undetected ulcers split and became one big tear in my stomach lining and I became critically ill, despite my own needs I discharged myself after asking the doctor to give me a special drug from a huge needle directly in the stomach which seals ulcers, I could not leave my daughter in the care of the mother hence why I left hospital but I was incredibly weak from blood loss and before the year was out I developed double pneumonia, I do not to this day know how I survived as I was dying but it was Siana that kept me alive I am sure of this.

Gravesend social services, the manager of Monica became suspicious of Becky’s continual accusations as did Kent police when a surgeon asked her why if I had “beaten her to a pulp” she had not a mark on her body, Becky found a place in Cornwall for us to live in and we moved down soon after, I was weak as a kitten for many months afterwards and unable to think straight as all the time I was focusing on keeping Siana alive.

In Cornwall (1996) Becky’s behaviour actually got worse, the landlord lived below us in the flat and she smashed the flat up in a fit of fury whilst I was out at the shops with Siana.

The police were called and a social worker called Sue Hogshaw turned up, Sue was the epitome of the worst kind of social worker, two faced, I found out after she had left Birmingham Social Services leaving a string of serious upheld complaints against her, I was actually out at the time of Becky losing it and the landlord agreed and said this as well but suddenly I got the blame and I was forced off my own property by the police, placed in a B&B overnight and then told the next day to be out of Cornwall or we will have you inside, I was forced to abandon my baby daughter under duress and I fled the county to my mum’s in Bournemouth.

Becky denied her usual target began to abuse Siana physically, the landlord continually called the police and social worker to say she is screaming at that child again and apparently it was so loud that it could be heard very clearly on the phone which prompted the police to turn up with concerns.

The social worker still would do nothing until Siana ended up in hospital, Siana who was learning to walk when I left, according to Becky, stood up on her own, walked across the front room floor, grabbed the lit gas fire and wrenched it off the wall pulling its security chain from the brickwork, Siana had three very deep burns on her leg from the red hot grille of the fire, social services accepted Becky’s versions of events as an “accident” but they were put into a foster family placement and Siana was put on the risk register, she was placed on the risk register as being at risk from me whilst I was 150 miles away and not allowed to see my child.

Becky attacked and severely assaulted several family members of the foster family and was moved to another, she did this again and Sue Hogshaw decided enough was enough and gave Becky 50 pounds, a travel warrant to London and Becky ceased to be a problem and this was all done without any consultantion with me.

The first I knew about it was when I was at my mums when a friend rang me urgently to tell me Siana had been seen in London sporting an enormous black eye down the side of her face, I rang Cornwall, Cornwall refused to tell me at first what was going on, I rang the director who did tell me that Becky had been returned to her parents, I rang Lewisham Social Services who denied any knowledge of Becky being there as Cornwall hadn’t told them, I told them about the black eye and later that day they confirmed yes she had an enormous bruise on her face, given to her by her uncle Jimmy who didn’t like her crying and punched her in the face but refused to do anything about it.

I spoke to my mum and we decided we had enough of this and through her contacts at Bournemouth University, we took on a lovely barrister cum solicitor called Kerry Taylor, we went to court with our concerns and Judge Bonvin gave me an ex parte hearing and a court order for the child to be placed in my care.

Lewisham refused to carry out the order and Becky turned up at my mothers looking for second chances and I took on the role again of Siana’s carer, we were moved into a bed and breakfast, where Becky became involved with a serious ring of paedophiles who lived next door and as we had social services involved I reported this and had confirmed to me they were all convicted paedophiles, Becky went on one over this as I told her she could not take Siana there and attacked the landlady and other residents, the next day she said she needed to speak to the social worker and she placed Siana in care for adoption and social services agreed to accept Siana and I again was not told this until AFTER it had happened.

Needless to say I was not tolerating this, Kerry Taylor and I launched a blistering court action and we had a Judge McKinney who agreed with us that Siana should live with me, Judge Bond and Judge Meston also agreed during this first action when McKinney wasn’t available, social services lost heavily and still refused to obey the order, the worker Julian Vernon said simply, we don’t do single fathers of daughters but McKinney was having none of this and she made an order that Siana be returned to me, that we be housed in emergency accomodation and a council flat found, that any contact with mother was to be restricted and observed and failure of return of Siana to me she said to the social worker that he can choose to go to prison instead for contempt.

By this time I had two years of hell from failure of social services, I was very much the enemy yet I had done nothing wrong except want to make sure Siana had a good loving home and upbringing but the worst was yet to come.

Becky continued her relationships with the paedophiles and kept bringing them round to the front of my flats block seeking to come in, I told her that they could not come in and basically bid them to get lost, one day she was out there shouting at me with her friends in tow when the social worker Julian Vernon turns up.

He came in and said my flat was untidy but he was concerned that I was allowing paedophiles into my property, I said to him that not one of them would cross my threshold and that other neighbours saw them in the block, they would likely get their heads kicked in as I had told them all about some of their doings and the neighbours were 110% behind me.

Social worker wanders off, next day turns up again to tell me that he was taking Siana into care because I was exposing her to paedophiles and that my care of her was neglectful. He had obviously been waiting his opportunity and done a lot of work in the background as he presented me with an EPO and Siana was taken from me to a foster carers in Parkstone.

Becky had almost daily, sometimes many times a day made anonymous and not anonymous malicious calls to social services, I was not told about this but it was this that Vernon used against me, he knew damned well that I would have no truck with the paedo friends of Becky and it was that which led to his undoing.

We had a SWA called Sindy Rowley who was brilliant, I must admit she was a pretty lady and had such a wonderful personality that outside of a professional relationship I could have become quite smitten and we did get on like a house on fire, the problem with Sindy was she was totally honest, she could not lie and would not lie and she was the weak link in Vernon’s chain, it was looking very bleak for us in court with social services looking like adoption was going to happen when we put Sindy in the dock, within a very few minutes it was changing and Bournemouth were losing fast, Vernon had made a terminal mistake when Sindy refused to lie to back him up, he threatened her and she sat there and told my barrister Gary Self EVERYTHING!!!

We then put Vernon in the dock and he was torn to pieces alternately by my barrister and the Judge herself, oh she really had her teeth into him and you could see the look of disgust every time she addressed him and she was furious. We kept Vernon in the dock for three days and then it was the Guardians turn, the Guardian asked the Judge for a short adjournment, wrote a new report on her A4 pad, refuted everything she said and resigned herself from the case after stating Siana should be returned to me.

In her summing up, Judge McKinney made Vernon stand up, he was shaking like a leaf and she spent half an hour delivering such a condemnation at him that if words and looks could kill, he would be a terminal case there and then, Bournemouth were told to stop vicitimising me by her (Bournemouth ignored this) and that she read out a letter she was sending to the Director of Social Services in Bournemouth that was so withering that Vernon resigned that day before he could be sacked (He is at St Annes in Canford Cliffs now I believe), a plan was drawn up over six weeks to rehabilitate Siana with me, that I would attend family centre and Becky was to have contact supervised once a week at the family centre as well and McKinney said she would be checking and if Siana wasn’t back with me full time in six weeks then she would hold every officer responsible in contempt. Siana was back with me in two weeks.

We entered a period where Siana and I lived under siege from her mother, who would daily, sometimes many times a day come round to our flat in Cunningham Crescent and force her way into the flat to attack us both or scream abuse at us from outside, one time she forced her way in whilst we were at the family centre and I was advised of this and Siana and I went into hiding at a friends until Becky drank a bottle of bleach and tried torching the place, she destroyed every photo of my other daughter, my mum and Siana’s baby photos, our furniture was trashed, excreta daubed on the walls when we returned but we managed to get our first injunction BUT Becky was winning an argument for unsupervised contact with Siana with the new Judge.

From 1997 to 2000 we endured this until we took an exchange to Cornwall with the help of the ONLY good social worker Bournemouth applied to our case, Louisa Buckthorpe was brilliant and she left the service a year after we moved to Cornwall but we kept in touch for a while and she helped us with Cornwall Social services who found we were no problem, no hassle, all the previous social worker “concerns” were unfounded and for the first time Siana had actually been discharged from their beady eyes.

But not going too far ahead as Bodmin social services is still a fair way ahead in this tale, the social worker applied to us after Vernon was a Ginette Oubridge, who was the traditional sensible shoes, anti-family, anti-men and certainly anti-me was assigned to the case, Ginette knew it all and it was her that fell for Becky’s “poor little me” routine and forced an issue where Becky was to be given unsupervised contact at her home for the first time, I refused and Bournemouth pushed it to the point where they had cornered me so if I refused again despite my protestations, I would go to prison.

I had no choice but to capitulate, the police were unhappy and said so to the court (Alan Berry a great man and a beacon of hope in those times), the Judge wasn’t keen but was given all manner of undertakings by the ex, the injunction was relaxed to allow her to collect Siana and deliver her back and so she won this point.

It was during this time I met my third wife Tracy and Becky absolutely detested her, it has to be said that I have remained alone ever since because of what Becky put Tracy through and subsequently what Tracy put me and Siana through, I don’t blame her, I really don’t and neither does Siana considering what Becky cost her in pain and loss.

We had a period of bouncing back and forth to court for breached injunctions, Becky was allowed to meet me at the contact centre in the local church to pick up and drop off Siana but she was not allowed to approach the property. This ended with a quarter mile exclusion zone from my property, Siana or myself and Bournemouth police under this order were given the power to arrest and detain Becky if she was found within this quarter mile, it was ironic as the quarter mile as the crow flew perimeter was 10 up the road from where she lived and the police did regularly check to see if she turned left or right as turning right they would arrest her.

Becky was having assessment done at this time at Kinson family centre when she disclosed to the social worker Ginette Oubridge that Siana had cigarette burns on her buttocks and genitalia (I’m sorry for repeating this Siana but it was such a crucial thing at the time) Ginette Oubridge rushed from the office to the family centre and in the public area, in front of twenty people made up from staff and parents, took Siana’s nappy off, examined her first intimately in the rectal area and then equally intimately in the genital area and inserted her fingers into Siana’s privates stating that yes it was cigarette burns, the family centre staff tried to pull her off of Siana saying they were going to call the police but Oubridge wasn’t phased at all, she went back to the office leaving Siana in the care of the family centre, drew up an open EPO, grabbed Siana and forced me at the point of removal to take Siana to the paediatric centre in Poole where Siana was put onto stirrups and the doctor was instructed to examine Siana. Siana was found by the doctor to have three spots of nappy rash on her left buttock, they were very small pimples, I told the doctor that I had been told by the family centre that Oubridge had internally examined her and the Doctor immediately rang the director at Bournemouth to disclose the social workers criminal actions. Ginette Oubridge resigned immediately and Bournemouth refused to comply with a criminal investigation of indecent assault by the social worker, they simply refused to talk, admit or notify a thing and the courts could not get them to budge.

Social services were being very harsh towards me, the daily anonymous calls continued unabated.

We then in 1999 had a three month break of contact as Becky was really causing us problems then contact resumed and it was very lucky that Siana is alive.

The first contact Becky took Siana to Wallisdown but ended up spraining Siana’s ankle as Becky was chased by a gang of West Howe gypsies she had called the police on and made allegations of child abuse against one of the gypsy men.

The second contact Siana was taken to hospital as Becky had bought Siana a bike and left her unattended next to a steep set of concrete steps and a busy road whilst she went in to make a hour long phone call and only realised something was wrong when a neighbour called an ambulance for Siana who had fallen down some 40 concrete steps on her bike.

The third contact Siana was punched in the stomach by a neighbour trying to defend himself, his wife and his young son when Becky attacked Siana.

The fourth contact I was called to pick Siana up early outside the library where Becky had attacked my new wife, her two children, her friend and her two children, she smashed Tracy in the stomach causing her to miscarry our child she was carrying.

The fifth contact Becky refused to give Siana back.

Becky said that Siana had told her that I had whipped Siana mercilessly with a leather belt and used this as grounds as keeping her from returning home. he was examined by Poole paediatric service and no marks or traces of abuse were found and the police and doctor both submitted reports to the court that they believed Siana was being threatened to say these things.

Siana was returned to me in a dreadful state at court during the week as Becky absconded from the hospital with her and was finally found and taken to the court under arrest and she was given a suspended prison sentence for eight weeks by the Judge.

Siana when we were visitied by Louisa told her everything and the police and doctor were right on the money, Becky had forced Siana to make a disclosure as she was threatened with not only being killed but her mother was going to kill me too.

The next contact allowed saw half of Bournemouth police down Cunningham Crescent and Verney Lane because Becky had been given permission to take Siana to the beach, I said to Becky, you must put sunscreen on Siana or she will get sunburned and Becky flipped, in the end they arrested Becky and returned Siana to me as they could hear Siana’s screams.

This of course was beginning to wear my marriage and Tracy was beginning to crack as Becky put around a rumour that her eldest son Stephen who was eight at the time was a paedophile and Stephen was being beaten up at school, Tracy and I ended up having an argument which culminated when I overreacted and I thought Tracy had Siana by the throat, we were screaming at each other, Tracy punched me in the chest and I slapped her round the face to try and calm her down but I was so traumatised by losing my self control even though it was a slap that I handed myself into the police and Louisa arranged for me and Siana to have some respite in a B&B til things calmed down.

Contact against my wishes resumed with mother and Siana ended up in hospital with a very bruised face and eye, Becky claimed Siana locked herself in her bathroom and Becky caught her when she broke the door lock, this is partly the truth, Siana stated to the police that yes she did lock herself in but not by accident, Siana had seen a cat and her mother thought Siana called her a C*** and went berserk, Siana fled into the bathroom and locked the door, Becky kicked the door in and beat Siana very hard and then sought to play it down what happened, I of course went back to court and the Judge again gave her another chance.

The final contact happened and Becky refused to give Siana back, she took Siana to Poole hospital saying Siana had disclosed to her that Stephen had “fingered her bottom” on more than one occasion and Poole out of hours service were at a loss what to do, the police refused to take Siana back from Becky without help and I was asked to make a voluntary care request to ensure Siana could be accomodated and the police were duty bound to investigate these claims regardless of the fact that again they felt she was coached and coerced into making this allegation. Louisa also felt Tracy and I could do with a time out as well as it was devastating us and Tracy’s kids, Siana’s stepbrothers and Louisa said with her senior practioner that as a family we were in dire need of support because of Becky.

Siana returned three weeks later, as Tracy and I asked for an extra week to help settle the boys, the police had found no evidence to even suggest Stephen had done such a thing and that there was no physical evidence either and after interviewing Siana on video, again it came out that she had been heavily threatened if she did not make a disclosure against Stephen, however, Tracy was less forgiving and she never forgave Siana this even though it was Becky’s doing not Siana’s.

We decided that it was time to get out of the flat and with Louisa’s help we found an exchange in Cornwall, Louisa and other professionals all entered into the “lie” we were moving to Norfolk and Becky went and found herself a place there, we went to Bodmin instead and for the first time we did have some peace.

grandmothers heartache

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Well my grandkids were taking in to care on the 19th of nov 2010 and are now in long term foster care as they were put up for adoption but the judge put a 6months deadline which thet were unable to do .How it all started was my son had finished with his ex but it took us 15long months to get her to leave the house socail services came in to our lives because his oldest child went in to school upset and told the teacher his mum hurts him which was true and we had spoke to socail services about it and they would say it was a acident the final straw was when she pushed him of the chair and banged his head on the floor my son called the police it took them awhile to come so when they came they had to wake the little one up and because they spoke to him when his mum was present they put it down to a acident yet .So my son had enough of they way she was behaveing towards him and his oldest child put her out we had a meeting with socail worker the head teacher myself my son and his ex. He told them that he was going to family court to get a order for the kids to stay with him which both his ex and the socail worker agreed on so that is what he did the night before he went to court which was the 9nov the judge agreed that the kids were to stay with him and the mother was to get suppervised visits 1 aweek and he was to go back to court in 2weeks to get a full order and that is where our night mare began as his ex had asked him the night before court to take her back and he said no 2days later the police came to the door not just 1 or 2 a couple of vans loaded to arrest my son on a charge of assualt on his ex which he spent 2 weeks in prison for and i had the kids when they informed his ex that my son would be getting out and that it was looking like the case was going to be flung out she then signed the kids over to socail services and they picked the kids up at school came to the house and left the kids in the car and told me that they were takeing the kids and never told me that there mum had signed them over led me to believe it was my fault said because of my health and that i was unable to look after them which was aload of bull as even the school said that they had no concearings about them .Then it all went down hill from there as the next thing we know is she then made all these other stuff up that he had suppose to have done to her .He was cleared at the crown court of the assult but the family courts said it dose matter if he got cleared the said it is possible he done it so he must have 1 of the other assults that she calaimed was that he had hit her full force on the face with a 20kg and 7foot long wieghts bar but she did not need to seek medical help as she had no marks or cuts and guess what the asked if he had wieghts and he has so they said he did it .I forgot to say the assult that she claimed he did to her was supposed to have happened in the begin of oct which we can prove she was not living here at the time and which she did not report until after he was given the kids in nov but it gets better did not go and seek medical help till the jan and tried to blame him for bruises that she had on her arms but admitted not seeing him in 6months and the family courts said she must be telling the truth and my son was not allowed to get his kids back at the start of the case they they tried to say i was scared of him and he would tell me what to do but now they are saying we are overclose .We only get to see the kids now 2 a year they keep asking them where they want to live and for 2 years the have said with there dad .They did say in court that they had no concears of him hitting his kids but she was found facted on 6 heavy handed assults on his oldest but said he might hit them when they get older and rebel against him there is alot more i can tell you but i donot want to bore yous .The family courts would not even look at his evidence he had

Demonstrators in Bratislava are echoing Slovak government criticism of Britain’s ‘child protection’ system

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Slovaks protest at Britain’s ‘illegal child snatching’

Demonstrators in Bratislava are echoing Slovak government criticism of Britain’s ‘child protection’ system

Protesters outside the British Embassy in Bratislava

Protesters outside the British Embassy in Bratislava Photo: THEDAILY.SK

7:00PM BST 22 Sep 2012


More than 400 Slovak protesters jammed the street outside the British Embassy in Bratislava last Tuesday, brandishing placards with such slogans as “Britain thief of children” and “Stop legal kidnapping”. They were there to lend their voices to the Slovak government’s own concerns about British social workers and courts, which show a unique readiness to take children into care for what the website of the Slovak justice ministry calls “no sound reason”.

Slovakia has threatened to take the UK to the European Court of Human Rights over cases involving Slovak children, more than 30 of whom, according to one estimate, Britain has taken into care.

The demonstration was timed to coincide with a hearing in the London Court of Appeal of the plea of a grandmother, supported by the Slovak authorities, to have her two young grandsons returned to her care in Slovakia. Forcibly seized from their parents by social workers in 2010, the boys were sent by a judge for adoption earlier this year. Thanks in part to the presence in court last week of a senior official of the Slovak government and the intervention in the case of John Hemming MP, the grandmother was given leave by Lord Justice McFarlane to appeal.

On Friday, Slovak officials were also present in a Kent court which ordered five children from another family to be returned to Slovakia. The children were seized by social workers after the three youngest had been left in the care of their 17- and 15-year-old siblings while their parents were on night shift.

Mr Hemming is in touch with other foreign governments similarly concerned by the way their subjects are being taken into state care in Britain for reasons they believe to be in breach of human rights laws.

Adoptions stir emotions

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Adoptions stir emotions

10 Sep 2012Michaela Terenzani – StankováPolitics & Society

A MOTHER given just an hour per week to see her child, families separated without any legal reason, and little chance of parents winning back custody of their children: this is the picture that the Slovak media has recently painted of British social services, one which has provoked strong reactions in both countries.

Forced adoptions of Slovak children in the UK became a controversial news item in the Slovak media last month after Slovak channel TV JOJ broke the story of five children from near Humenné, in eastern Slovakia, who were placed in foster care after being taken away from their parents, Miroslav Goroľ and Veronika Čonková, Slovak citizens who left for the UK in June 2012. One of the five children was a baby born to the couple shortly after their arrival in the UK.

Temporary foster care is a step that may be followed by adoption if the parents fail to prove that they are able to provide suitable living conditions for their children, Slovak media reported on the case, provoking an uproar among Slovaks, piqued by the fact that the family is of Roma ethnicity.

British authorities have taken away about 100 Slovak children from their parents in the past three years, with some of the children having already been adopted by new parents in the UK, the Sme daily reported.

The Slovak media also voiced suspicions that British authorities were taking children away from their families with the purpose of satisfying British citizens who were interested in adopting a child as fast as possible, but failed to provide substantial grounds for such suspicions.


The procedure


In the UK, a court can only issue a care or supervision order “where the child is suffering or likely to suffer significant harm and will only make an order where this is better for the child”, according to the official UK judiciary website ( Any potential adoption order is preceded by care proceedings, which start by notifying the parents that the local authorities are considering care proceedings. The local authority then tries to cooperate with the parents to ensure full assessment of the child’s situation, provision of services and a child protection plan.

“Where serious concerns remain, the local authority makes an application to the court and sends a copy of the application to the parents,” the website states.

In the application, the local authority may ask the court to consider making an interim care order or an interim supervision order (temporary orders) at the first hearing. The court appoints a children’s guardian from Cafcass (Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service) to represent the child. The children’s guardian appoints a solicitor for the child. The court can decide that a child should be taken away from the parents to stay with relatives or at a foster home.

“It can do this at any time during the case if it thinks the child’s welfare demands it,” the website states.


Too concerned?


According to the statistics of the UK’s Department of Education, there were 65,520 children in foster care as of 31 March 2011, an increase of 2 percent from 2010 and an increase of 9 percent since 2007.

For the 27,310 children who were placed into foster care during the year ending March 31, 2011, the main reason cited was abuse or neglect (54 percent).

Altogether 3,050 children in foster care were adopted during the year ending March 31, 2011, a decrease of 5 percent from 2010 and a decrease of 8 percent since 2007. Similarly there has been a decrease in the number of children in foster care placed for adoption. This figure has fallen from 2,720 in 2007, to 2,500 in 2010 with a further drop to 2,450 in 2011. Information regarding the nationality of the children is not available.

But at the same time Cafcass states in the results of the 2012 Cafcass Care Study (under which they surveyed more than 200 Cafcass guardians in relation to 247 care applications involving 401 children, conducted in November 2011) that since 2007-08 Cafcass has witnessed a 62 percent increase in the numbers of local authority care applications. In 2011-12, and the number of applications topped 10,000 for the first time ever.

“[But] not all care applications result in children being taken into care,” the Cafcass spokesperson, Molly Garboden, noted in an e-mail interview with The Slovak Spectator. “They are just the applications to court and may well result in a child staying with their family.”

Almost half of the guardians surveyed mentioned Baby Peter or Peter Connelly in the free text responses when reasoning about the increased care application rates. Cafcass thus defines the ‘Baby Peter Effect’ as an increase in risk avoidance among local authority social workers, leading to an increase in care applications.

Peter Connelly died in August 2007 at home in Haringey, north London, after months of abuse, and his case was reported to have revealed incompetence among social workers, doctors, lawyers and police. The 17-month-old boy had suffered more than 50 injuries, and had been visited 60 times by the authorities in the eight months before his death, the BBC reported.

“Following on from the Baby Peter tragedy there was an upsurge in care applications which is still being sustained three years on,” Anthony Douglas, Cafcass Chief Executive, said when releasing the study results. “For vulnerable children today this defining study gives encouraging signs that court applications to protect them are now more timely and being made at an earlier stage of a local authority’s involvement with their family.”


Strong reactions


Media speculation that UK authorities might not have followed correct legal procedure has provoked strong reactions among Slovaks.

Civic activist Natália Blahová from the Association of Substitute Families (who previously sat in parliament as an MP for Freedom and Solidarity in the past), wrote an open letter to Slovak and international human rights guardians, saying that in Slovakia “it is almost absurd that a child is separated from a breastfeeding mother”.

“It is also unthinkable that countries take any steps leading to the separation of children from parents without first having performed proper social investigation in the family, and without giving a say to the children and the respective bodies of the country of which the children and their parents are citizens,” Blahová wrote in the letter, which she also published on her blog.

“It’s clear that Great Britain is not [abiding by] the European Convention on Human Rights,” British Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming told the Sme daily, adding that the situation has been worsening since 2000 when then prime minister Tony Blair started pressing for an increase in the rate of adoption orders.

Hemming has criticised British social workers in the past. Now he claims that the problem concerns about 1,000 families a year and the main issue is that proceedings are not public, which he wants to change by a draft amendment he is going to propose in October, Hemming told Sme.

On the other hand, Petra Schwarczová, who works as a freelance translator in the UK and often acts as a translator for British social workers when dealing with Slovak parents, criticised the Slovak media on her blog.

The news has provoked fear among Slovak citizens living in the UK, and many families, mainly of Roma ethnicity, have been contemplating leaving the country as soon as possible in order to protect their children, Schwarczová told The Slovak Spectator.

“Some families have left their houses and they are staying several families together in one house in order to have more men to protect them from social services when it comes to ‘steal’ their children,” Schwarczová said. She has never seen any child being taken away from its parents for good and given up for adoption, she said.

Her experience shows that social workers do not aim to take children away from their families as the first solution, but there are cases when such a step is inevitable, such as when children fail to attend school for a month or more because their parents took them for holidays to Slovakia, or when a child comes to school hungry every morning. There are also cases of sexual abuse and drug addiction in the families, Schwarczová wrote on her blog.

“Social workers and various other organisations are trying to do everything in order for the children to stay with their parents,” Schwarczová wrote, explaining that in her experience social workers working with Slovak families often do things that are not included in their workload at all, such as filling out their forms for social allowances, or organising housing in a council house for the family.


Slovak authorities respond


The Slovak authority responsible for dealing with such cases is the Centre for International Protection of Children and Youth, working under the Labour Ministry. The Centre’s head, Andrea Císarová, did not respond to the questions of The Slovak Spectator. She was due to fly to London to get more information on the cases of children taken from Slovak parents by British authorities, the Sme daily reported. She was not familiar with the problem as she has only been in the post for a month at the time when the media reported it.

Prime Minister Robert Fico said on hearing about the case that he found the British model of family care inspiring.

“In Slovakia we have often discussed taking a child away from the family in case the family doesn’t provide appropriate care,” Fico said as quoted by the Sme daily, adding that it would show the children “that they can have a completely different lifestyle than the one their parents offer”. 

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Phoenix Rising

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You will never know my name, but that’s not important… what is important is my story.  I am one of thousands (and growing daily) of parents who have had their children removed by Social Services.  Now you might sit there and think “What did you do?!”  and you’d be right to do so, sometimes the SS don’t come into your life without a reason but sometimes… and these stories I shall also tell … they DO!

In 2009 my oldest child was removed from my custody into that of their fathers.  I will not go into details why but owing to events beyond my control I was cautioned with child neglect.   To this day I know I made mistakes, many parents do, but what followed for the next 4 years, what is STILL following has led me to creating this page.  It is time I spoke out, it is time I stood up and let myself be counted, because after those mistakes I spent the next four years improving myself into a person who was responsible, caring, helpful, loving and a good mother to another child.

However very recently this year I left a violent and abusive man, I proved him to be so, I recorded him threatening to kill me, I recorded him calling our baby

‘a little cunt’

When I showed this recording to my social worker, instead of doing thewir job of protecting a vunerable child and woman, they went behind my back and supported the HIM… my baby was left with a violent man, despite me passing every assessment thrown my way for nearly half a decade, depsite HIS psychological assessment proiving him to be hostile and a cause for concern, I was removed from my home, my baby and my life.

I now live alone, crying myself to sleep most nights.

However, with support of friends and family, I am slowly rebuilding, and like a phoenix rising from the ashes I feel renewed…

So this page is a story, a blog, a diary, a journal etc etc…

but more than anything it is ONE thing you need to take note of…


Read more:
Create your own website for free:

another mothers heartache submitted via comments x one love x

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my name is Rebecca i would like to thank you all for this block

i was give birth in Africa to my lovely daughter and than i came to UK in 2006 with her two week later SS came and remove my child by force and i did not know nothing about SS in UK so they make a secret court with out my knowing and SS alone adopted my child some where in UK if i ask solicitor about my child and what happen in court they refused to let me know i remain all the time cry about my child after two year i found my new partner and we married my partner try to help me to get my daughter back he pay 10.000 pound to the solicitor but solicitor could not represent us the SS block his mouths to not told nothing to my partner and me in 2008 i became pregnant and after SS and police removed my beautiful baby at birth and put it up for adoption my child was removed with out skin to skin contact between me and my baby i was remain bleeding at birth and i never see my baby until this day i do not know if i will be allow to see my child one day to identify our self and have photo grape with my child as am biological mother to my baby my partner was told by SS and court in Manchester to choose between me and his son after birth my partner disagree with the court and we remain together till now but all of us family member have no access to our child my mother in law child grand ma travels to England to ask the court if she could care for my child the court say at lest his son could end his relationship with me my husband the father of my child say which law in the world say you have to choose between your child or you wife my husband ask the Manchester court if they should sent the case to the human right . social service and the court refuse to sent to the high court or European court of human right but they keep our case as a secret as a test case of united kingdom .this year we sent to European court of human right and it was awarded against united kingdom pending before the chamber the council who treated us very bad during the birth of our baby was bury local authority shame on you we will survival.

September 22, 2012

another mothers heartache damn you ss and family courts

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Serena’s Story

This is my full story for the first time… 

At the beginning of 2001 at the age of 18 and after a very difficult labour I gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl who ended up in special care. This was very daunting but after 3 weeks I took her home. I split up with her dad 3 years later then the fun began. My own mother rang the local social services office telling lies that I was a drug user and had dirty needles about my house. This got proved to be malicious.

Over the years many more lies were told and many more times proved to be malicious. When my daughter was 5 years old I became homeless which left me with a choice of either putting her in foster care or to my mother, a place she knew, so I placed her with my mother. I got a house and took it to court to get my daughter back to no avail due to the length of time she had been there. I had as much contact with her as I wanted. In 2007 I had another baby. This time a beautiful baby boy.

The lies started again and again proved to be malicious. In time I had a 3rd child in 2009. In January of 2010 I had a visit from the local social services wanting to section me as they had had a report that I had smashed my babies head against a brick wall this was obviously untrue as my baby was happy and bouncing baby at 6 months old doing what babies of that age do. All 3 of my children were happy children clean with glowing smiles on their faces. This was shortly after my youngest childs christening.

I moved back to the area were my children were at school and my mother then decided she would take me to court for my oldest boy. Failed miserably. However every week social services were at my door believing all the lies my mother was spilling. She turned everyone in my bra against me with the lies she had used many times before. She managed it come March of this year. After 2 n half of me trying to prove myself I lost my babies. The social services had no orders what so ever and with in a week or so I managed to get the manager to admit it was an unlawful removal as well as admit that the social worker had falsified information on the files.

I am still fighting to this day to prove I am a good mother to my children. My so called parents now have care of my lovely stunning babies. Recently (Wednesday just gone) my gorgeous 3year old appeared at contact with a bust lip. I rang the police and social care who have done nothing about my childs injury. I can’t protect my little man as I’m not there to do so. Its heart breaking every day not knowing wide my children are and what other little accidents they will have while I’m not with them. This is my story that still continues as all the reports made to court are made up of lies that can be proved as just that as do many others like me.

Please share your stories so we can each help each other in a manner of different ways. And support each other. But for now we all need your help in this family unit, so please add all your friends and family to this group whether they have dealings with social services or not. The more people that join the wider spread awareness will be and people will see how corrupt the system is. This is the first time I have told my story in full and no doubt I have missed parts of it but this is a start and it lets people know they are not alone.

September 19, 2012

staffordshire local authority admit these failures under oath NO APOLOGY OR ACCOUNTABILITY

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Please see list below from Michelle, of the LA failures that you requested from her.
Helen Jarvis
Sent for and on behalf of Nigel Priestley
Ridley & Hall Solicitors
01484 538421
§  No multi agency approach ( working together, nice guidelines, )
§  No effort to co-ordinate with other children’s sw
§  No proper assessments (no core assessment)
§  No identification of family needs
§  No risk ass
§  No initial involvement with MHT
§  No meeting with sol , m and ss as recommended in the initial CPC
§  No working agreement
§  Refusal to provide respite
§  No increased nursery  provision
§  Inadequate communication between the agencies
§  No provision of therapy , Dr D suggested she was ready to undertake it
§  No consideration of other recommendations ,eg LA taking a different approach
§  Not following recommendations of chair
For and behalf of Ridley Hall Solicitors
Queens House, 35 Market Street, Huddersfield, HD1 2HL
Telephone: 01484 538421  Dx Number 710083 Huddersfield 8                       
Fax: 01484 533076 and 01484 430246 Email:  
Members: Nigel J Priestley LLB Sarah E Young LLM Michael George                       
Partners: James E Cook LLB (Hons) 
Meena Kuma

My Experiences of Lincoln Social Services

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My Experiences of Lincoln Social Services
(their motto is strengthening families -protecting children)

I was known to social services as I had to go to a parent assessment residential unit. I had a bad pregnancy,suffering severe hyperemis (contstantly vomitting) and other problems which led to me getting depressed and I had to have treatment for PND and given a short time to get well by social services. They said my son couldnt wait around for me to get well and would be adopted. 
I got through a mountain of difficulties and passed the residential assessment and they said I was one of the best parents who had been there. It was traumatic but I got through it.
The social worker at that time said I had a spectacular bond with my son and she had not seen a bond like this in all her time in social work. (This will become pertinent later). I was on a supervision order for a year and in that time I was reduced to seeing a assistant social worker as they didnt feel I needed a social worker as my son was looked after well.I was discharged when the supervision order ran out. 
The above social worker told me that she and her manager said if I ever needed any respite to just ask- as I was a good mum and they wanted to do all they could to help me. She said my son would stay in Lincoln and I could visit him whenever I liked. Unfortunately none of this was adhered to. No-one bothered to check the records. 

In January 2005 I had a series of bereavements. My abusive adopted father starved himself in hospital with alzheimers and died. My grandfather died, another friend died and a good friend was diagnosed with cancer. I also had to come off mild anti-depresssants due to Doctor’s instructions. I did not need them at the time for depression but had problems sleeping and hair pulling and they helped with that. I have not been on them since. It was the wrong time to stop them as I got withdrawals. 
In May 2005 I made the mistake of asking for respite that was offered. I needed a couple of weeks to get rid of the withdrawals and space after the bereavements. In fact after 3 weeks I was fit to have my son home.
Unfortunately this is when the nightmare started.
I met a new social worker. She hardly spoke to me. She didnt even tell me that we were having assessments at the contact centre. I didn’t know anything was wrong until told them I was free from the withdrawals and wanted to take my son home. I asked the SW if she could ring my CPN to verify this ,as he said I was now free from medication withdrawals and I was fit to have my son home. At no point did she ring my cpn or doctor and this was confirmed by my CPN at the time and also upheld in the complaint. (One procedure is that the sws must liase with the mental health team and work as part of a multi agency.) Unfortunately this sw and her manager did not display any professionalism or stick to any procedures. They did not want to hear that I was well and wanted to portray me as this mentally ill person who could not cope,which wasnt the case. This is how some people will behave if they have no accountability and don’t possess any personal integrity,professionalism and morals. The sw even told another worker that there wasn’t any withdrawals to my medication and it was just my bad mental health which was not true. Again this caused me further distress and worry as to what the hell was going on!
I said to the social worker that I was worried about my son. I said he wasnt his normal self and he was withdrawn and unhappy. The SW took me to a room along with an assistant worker and said I wasnt to take him home. She said she had serious concerns about our lack of bond which really astonished and shocked me. 
I told her that it was because he was in care that he had become like this and I was worried that he had thought I had abandoned him. I told her to look in the records which wou ld say I had a spectacular bond and to ask the previous sw who would tell her. She laughed and said the previous said I didnt want my son. Apparently this previous sw had told the Guardian that we did indeed have a strong bond and in my opinion the ex social worker wasn’t a troublemaker and would have said the same to this new SW. AH told me that I was ignoring professional concerns about my lack of bond and attachment with my son which I found really strange. I told her to ask Surestart and others who said I was a good mum. They both laughed maliciously and said people were spinning me a line when they said that. I became very alarmed and scared by their behaviour. I thought I am being set up and Im am going to lose my son and that is what they did try to do. 
I told them I was taking my child home-I was worried about him. I walked calmly out of the contact centre-not speaking. I rang for a taxi and went home.
My son instantly became his normal happy self again and I gave him a present of the bus and he happily played and then we had beans on toast.
A short time later there was a loud knock on the door and the police were there. I asked them politely to leave as we were having lunch and the police threatened to break down the door. That is when I tried to fight them off and stop them taking my child. The SW appeared and I was in handcuffs. I said you bitch you are taking my son and she grinned. She found the whole thing amusing and I really can’t understand that kind of mentality. With handcuffs on I did try to get my son away from her and apparently I scratched her which I find incredible to believe as she was grinning and I had handcuffs on. She did make a big thing of this in court but it was said most mothers would have fought like this for their child especially when taken unjustly like this.
To this day the neighbours who witnessed this speak of their horror at my treatment by the police.It is also not a good advertisement for police professionalism. The police seem to think they have to obey social services. It’s like an unwritten rule. The decision is totally down to the police and they should have investigated further. They should have contacted my doctor and CPN and made some enquiries. they would have told them the medication withdrawals were over and I was fit to have my child home. In fact this would have avoided a mountain made out of a mole hill.
My son was taken back in care. I got a phone call from the Access team manager and she said I was not allowed to see my son for I think it was 10 days or 2 weeks. I said to her he’s going to think Ive abandoned him. She was really horrible on the phone. I ended up crying afterwards and feeling totally alone and in despair. Basically she was punishing me for taking my son and I felt this led to my son being punished. It was just not right. She advised me to see a solicitor as I was going to be put under care proceedings. This manager bullied me rotten and at one point in my life I was having flashbacks and recurrring dreams about her. I had met her before and she did not look a nice person and had taken a dislike of me from the start. I heard of another single mum who also was not treated nicely by her. I can’t say if it was just me she disliked or I suspect most parents. 
I consulted a counsellor at this stage and in one counselling session this manager rang me and told me to come to the office and collect a rail ticket. She didn’t ask nicely or use any manners-just instructed me. Spoke to me really nastily. I said I dont want a rail ticket I will pay for my own. I love my son and dont mind paying to see him. She was slightly taken aback as she was probably not used to hearing this but anyway demanded that I come to the office as “this is the way we do things here”. ( I knew from a previous time that you could send the tickets to the office and they would reimburse you). Again this was just another bullying,unnecessary tactic to show me who was boss in order to make me upset.
Although I had 4 bereavements not once did any of the social workers in the Access Team show me any sympathy,empathy, compassion or understanding. These human qualities were sadly amiss in these people who are supposed to be in the caring profession and support families. It is such common practice now to bully families that there are support groups and websites springing up all over the internet to support and give advice to distraught families. People can’t speak out about their social workers behaviour because they receive a gagging order so the abuse is kept hidden. The complaints system is geared to protecting social services staff. complaints manipulated so they are not sued and nothing ever changes.
After the care proceedings I read the police records and she had given misleading statements to the police to alarm them.She made out I was mentally ill and that I had stopped my medication. She failed to tell the police it was mild anti-depressants ,that it wasnt serious medication that someone with a psychosis would take and that the GP had stopped it because I didnt need it. if she had told the truth then the police might have handled the situation differently??

I ended up in court where the Sw said my son was at risk of significant physical and emotional harm if he was returned to me. Ive had my son back for 7 years and he has s never been harmed apart from on the football pitch. Indeed the court said that I wasnt capable of harming anyone. The Social workers and there legal team even said I was a danger to my son as I was a danger to myself as they were so desperate to find something that they could use against me as the significant harm theory had not worked.
Again saying I was a danger to myself was a lie as I wasnt suicidal. Indeed my CPN commented ” How can they use that against you in court as it’s not true ” .I said they just seem to make up stuff as they go along.
I think, possibly, I agreed to an EPO,due to legal advice as my solicitor wanted to collect evidence from my doctor. I was in such a state,shaking and vomiting in the court toilets,hating myself for asking for respite and feeling that I was going to lose the most precious thing in the world to me just for a couple of stupid weeks of respite.Cursing myself for being so naive and stupid for trusting them. 
Again the sws grinned when I came into the courts and were very hostile and distant to me.I was treated like a criminal by this social work team,not like a responsible mother who was asking for a couple of weeks rest. My solicitor did try to get my case in the district court where it would have been thrown out but they said it could be handled in the magistrates court. So I had to spin out the ordeal.
It turned into a hellish experience. At one point the sws wanted me to see an expert witness who I knew would give me a bad report. I knew they were setting me up.Thankfully I didnt get this person as there was a 6 month waiting list for her and the Guardian got an expert witness who did a report in 2 weeks. He turned out to be impartial. I explained to him that I had just asked for a couple of weeks of respite due to medication withdrawals. He confirmed that the medication did produce the withdrawals I had described,contrary to what the social worker had stated-that there was no withdrawals it was just my mental health problems. He said in his report that I had asked for help and was responsible. The sw had tried to make out that other people had referred me in order to make it look like I had been irresponsible. I thought this was really sneaky and not giving me any credit. 
She wrote a 27 page report and the only good thing in it was that I had a clean kitchen. She found fault with everything. Tried to make out that I dumped my child on his grandmother too much. His gran lived 60 miles away and didnt like driving so he stayed with her about twice a year. 
She said the fact I used Surestart was evidence I was not coping. The surestart worker said I only needed to see her once a month as I coped well and that I was a lovely mum. Of course none of this was put in the sw report. I got an excellent report from Surestart. The SW really was struggling to find stuff against me so had to resort to stereotypes,lies and exaggerations and her own negative biased opinion.
My barrister actually said that what others had put in their statements and what she had said about me was like reading about 2 different people. I had only known this SW for 2 weeks. She did not know me or my child yet she condemned me in a 27 page report. It is just downright perjury and social workers should be forced by law to write truthful,fair and balanced reports of people. A playgroup worker told me that she didnt wish to speak to social services again as her words were taken out of context. I had only spoken to this playgroup person to say hello and she said that they had no concerns about my son’s welfare. He was happy,clean and fed when they saw him. She did say that he didnt run up to me like some other kids to their mothers but he had me all day,every day as we lived on our own so enjoyed playgroup. My other son does run up to me after nursery. AH took her words to back her up about the lack of bond and it was just ridiculous. The sw claimed I couldnt cope with my son without support and made me out to be mentally ill,unstable and incompetent. I have had my son home for 7 years without one referral to social services yet I could have lost my son based on her lies and wrong assumptions. 
The Guardian said that my son was coming home and criticised these sws in her report for badly handling my case.That they didnt have evidence of significant harm to really justify a police protection order and said there was plenty of evidence in the records of a good strong bond and attachment and that the previous social worker had told her we had a good bond.

Basically AH built a case to keep my son in care based on something she knew was untrue. I have found out since that this is happening to many people. I cannot believe that AH did not know that a child can become withdrawn if they are put in care and the child doesn’t know what is going on. 
At age 3 he couldnt talk as he had speech delay- due to glue ear I later found out. I have been told by people who have worked with children and a psychologist that my child becoming withdrawn and distant is actually proof of a strong bond as that is how young children become in this situation. Although this first team were unprofessional and incompetent I can’t believe that a trained social worker would not know this. I know this was used maliciously to make a case against me. I have heard it happen to other parents too often now to not believe that parents are being set up by social services and this lack of bond issue is being used to maliciously hold children in care,sometimes because they can’t find any other evidence to use against the parents.
Half way through the proceedings I had a change of sw team and that is when my luck changed. They condemned the first team and began listening to people and being honest. Not maliciously finding fault with every thing I did and turning everything into a negative. They told me to put in a complaint about the first team and the way they had treated me. (Social services complaints system is another form of abuse to already traumatised families in my opinion and does nothing to address social workers bad behaviour).
The expert witness gave me a good report despite seeing the social worker’s statement making me out to be the worse mother that had ever lived. I explained the situation and he dismissed her questions.
3 months after the proceedings began my child came home. Basically a case was made quickly out of nothing as they had to justify a police protection order -ie removal or snatch. They had to find anything bad to justify their actions and bad behaviour in the contact centre. Instead of just admitting they had done wrong -they had to put me and my son through great trauma. It was nothing to do “with being in the best interests of the child”. It was just to cover their own backs which other people have confirmed.
My son suffered from separation anxiety for 2 years. He did not want to leave my side.He would scream. I was deeply traumatised and only recently have I had proper treatment for the trauma symptoms and fear of social services that I have suffered with.
I did put in a complaint and this is another abusive and traumatic process to go through. I submitted my complaint to the complaints manager. He said to me I will only put 2 complaints down because only 2 will be upheld. I said well how do you know? The complaints you don’t put down might be upheld! It was astonishingly bad. I found out that my independent investigator was to be the complaints officer in the next county and even though they assured me it was totally impartial and the complaints officers did second stage investigations for each other-I declined. 
I then received another investigator. He didn’t want me to put the social workers names in the complaint.He just went on about this. He wanted me to make the complaint against the department.I found this a bit odd. I said it was the social workers who treated us badly and I wanted them named. In the end he went off in a huff and said he didn’t want to do the investigation. I later found out that the General Social Care Council have to have the social workers names written in the complaint otherwise they can’t investigate them. I thought this investigator,in my opinion, was not impartial. 
The next investigator did a whitewash as expected and the Local Government Ombudsman said that the investigator should have been made to do the investigation again as he didnt address my concerns and issues. The third stage panel werent much better although they upheld a little more but said the way we had been treated didnt merit any compensation.
The LGO found the complete opposite and ordered them to issue me with an apology and a statement of revision of procedures. We did get an apology for the distress caused and for not getting support. The revision of the procedures didnt convince me that anything had changed for the better. If a family were known to social services then the LGO said that they should have their original social work team who knows them and not go back to the Access Team but I dont know if this has been addressed.
Not once did the Director of the children’s services, Peter Duxbury, show any concern for his staffs behaviour or talk to me or want to find out more. I was treated like the enemy when I put in a complaint, not viewed in a positive way to improve the system and protect the public from bad workers. 
The complaints officer moaned to me in front of a witness that the social workers had received letters from the GSCC (General Social Care Council) and were upset. I found this deeply unimpartial and strange that he didnt have the empathy to understand why I should not be bothered that they were upset after trying to wreck my family. I find this blind one track thinking that social services staff portray very weird and emotionally distant.
I know from acquaintances and friends who associate with social services in their jobs that things remain the same. I also know that people are losing their children through similar circumstances to mine that should have been helped. That are good parents. I don’t want to mention cases as I haven’t asked their permission. 
Nobody from the Local Government Ombudsman checks to see if social services are following the revised procedures. So all in all it was a waste of time. My 1250 compensation went to my old address. 100 for our bad treatment and 250 for the mishandling of my complaint which went to the wrong address. I was so traumatised by social services that I couldnt even e-mail them I was so distressed .
I went through the complaint system to try and change things but from hearing things there is no change. People with mental health problems are losing their children without any proper help and support and the prejudice against them remains. 
My social worker suddenly disappeared to Nottinghamshire when my complaint was put in which is a common tactic used throughout the country by social services. It is not good enough and does nothing to address the problems or corrupt staff and its not fair to unsuspecting families who do not know their history. The SW manager showed no remorse and didn’t even bother to send me the written apology she was supposed to and remains unrepentent and I pity the poor souls that cross her path.
As for the assertion that social services only take parents to court as the last resort and do all they can to help families. Well I hope my experiences will dispell this myth and in reality you can easily lose your children in this screwed up system! All it takes is for an unprofessional and power mad social worker, who has a particular prejudice and dislike of a parent, and you can be in big trouble. 
On a final note I don’t see how lying about a parent’s capabilities can “be in the best interests of the child.” Unless we live in a state where a mother and child’s love for each other doesn’t matter and giving a child to strangers with a bigger house and a 4 wheel drive is all that matters.To me that is state sanctioned social engineering from the past and nothing more than child abuse.

mothers heartache

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I am a very proud mummy to 7 beautiful children and I spent my teens in care being treated worse than an animal would be treated, at 25 I was at the end of a massively abuse relationship when I started in labour with my 3rd child his dad started hitting me so I fled and hid in a phone box where I gave birth, it terrified me and I developed what I no now to be ptsd I hit the alcohol bad and neglected my children something iv regretted always they were taken into care eldest went for adoption other two with violent dad got eldest back from adoption at 12 and passed all the assessments I’d previously failed so badly in previous hearing, I got married had another 3 kids whilst preg with my 7th my husband left me and disappeared came back month before birth attacked me and broke my pelvis I was in agony cud hardly walk but still had 3 kids under 5 to bring up (ss got eldest flat at 16) alone I neglected the house work those next few weeks ended up giving birth at home ambulance rang ss bang they jumped in my life again, I was doing great at first my pelvis was better now not preg was managing alone not one person in my life lifted a finger to help me. Sure start were working with me and I had home help twice a week kids went to school with fresh fruit in clean nice clothes and were well fed we went out often to the seaside or their antys in manchester then I was informed sw had changed and the bitch arrived she terroized me told me my kids were too beautiful for likes of me played hundreds of dirty nasty tricks I complained to her manager he laughed at me told me my complaints go in the shredder her team leader presented her with flowers when 11 months after my baby was born my kids were dragged out of my house kicking and screaming terrified with police ss etc avin a laugh and a smoke outside because I’d been ironing iron hadn’t cooled down and 5 n 6 year old were fighting one touched other with iron he had a 1cm burn on back of his neck now youngest two gone for adoption the boys are seperated haven’t seen me or each other for 2 years and have to spend rest of their childhood in foster care iv never laid a hand on my kids and love them dearly do u really think its right I can never see them again coz of a messy house after a struggle that got sorted and a tiny accident coz I don’t I now suffer Badly with my mental health and am recovering from my third mental breakdown

Hyndburn woman delivers next door neighbour’s baby

A NEW mum has thanked her neighbour for delivering her second lightning-birth baby.

BABY JOY: Mum Cheryl (left) and new-born baby Kelsie with neighbour TraceyBABY JOY: Mum Cheryl (left) and new-born baby Kelsie with neighbour Tracey

In 1997, Church woman Cheryl Corless made the front page of the then Lancashire Evening Telegraph after giving birth to her baby son Harry in a phone box as she tried to dial 999.

Some 12 years on, the 36-year-old mum gave birth to her seventh child Kelsie in her young son’s bedroom with the help of her next-door neighbour Tracey Gilsenan.

Cheryl, who was alone in the house while her husband Anthony, 22, was at his mother’s, was a week away from a scheduled Caesarean because the baby was breached.

But, 15 minutes after feeling her first contraction, little Kelsie made an appearance.

Tracey delivered the baby with the help of a 999 operator, shortly after being woken by a phone call.

Earlier that day Cheryl had had slight pains, but dismissed them as wind. “None of my other babies were fast, except Harry.

“I was expecting a long delivery, but just at the last minute Kelsie must have turned.

“I called Tracey and sent a text message to Anthony. It was just 15 minutes later I sent another saying ‘Too late, she’s here!’”

Kelsie is the couple’s fourth child along with Lewis, four, William, three and 18-month-old Alfie.

Cheryl’s children from a previous relationship, Danny, 17, who lives in Blackburn and Sally, 13, and Harry, 12, who live with their father, are also delighted with their “adorable” sister.

Cheryl added: “Tracey was amazing with me and the kids, who were up. I can’t thank her enough for everything.”

Tracey added: “Cheryl was very calm and the operator told me what to do.

“The most frightening bit was picking her up and placing her on her mum while she was still attached.”

Cheryl, made the front page of the Lancashire Evening Telegraph when she gave birth to Harry in 1997 two weeks early in a phone box in Church Street, Church.

Harry was rescued from his mum’s leggings by his dad, Leigh Swindlehurst, before passing ambulance workers stopped to help.

Cheryl, whose maiden name is Bell, says Kelsie will be definitely be her last child.

She said: “There’ll be no more! Our family is definitely complete.

“Anthony has been after a little girl and he has her now.”

September 18, 2012

lyrics written by me do family court agents have a conscience ?

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September 16, 2012

social services expect us your inhumane actions against families have been duly noted

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the system is now at breaking point
we are anonymous
we are legion
we do not forgive
we do not forget

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