September 19, 2012

mothers heartache

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I am a very proud mummy to 7 beautiful children and I spent my teens in care being treated worse than an animal would be treated, at 25 I was at the end of a massively abuse relationship when I started in labour with my 3rd child his dad started hitting me so I fled and hid in a phone box where I gave birth, it terrified me and I developed what I no now to be ptsd I hit the alcohol bad and neglected my children something iv regretted always they were taken into care eldest went for adoption other two with violent dad got eldest back from adoption at 12 and passed all the assessments I’d previously failed so badly in previous hearing, I got married had another 3 kids whilst preg with my 7th my husband left me and disappeared came back month before birth attacked me and broke my pelvis I was in agony cud hardly walk but still had 3 kids under 5 to bring up (ss got eldest flat at 16) alone I neglected the house work those next few weeks ended up giving birth at home ambulance rang ss bang they jumped in my life again, I was doing great at first my pelvis was better now not preg was managing alone not one person in my life lifted a finger to help me. Sure start were working with me and I had home help twice a week kids went to school with fresh fruit in clean nice clothes and were well fed we went out often to the seaside or their antys in manchester then I was informed sw had changed and the bitch arrived she terroized me told me my kids were too beautiful for likes of me played hundreds of dirty nasty tricks I complained to her manager he laughed at me told me my complaints go in the shredder her team leader presented her with flowers when 11 months after my baby was born my kids were dragged out of my house kicking and screaming terrified with police ss etc avin a laugh and a smoke outside because I’d been ironing iron hadn’t cooled down and 5 n 6 year old were fighting one touched other with iron he had a 1cm burn on back of his neck now youngest two gone for adoption the boys are seperated haven’t seen me or each other for 2 years and have to spend rest of their childhood in foster care iv never laid a hand on my kids and love them dearly do u really think its right I can never see them again coz of a messy house after a struggle that got sorted and a tiny accident coz I don’t I now suffer Badly with my mental health and am recovering from my third mental breakdown

Hyndburn woman delivers next door neighbour’s baby

A NEW mum has thanked her neighbour for delivering her second lightning-birth baby.

BABY JOY: Mum Cheryl (left) and new-born baby Kelsie with neighbour TraceyBABY JOY: Mum Cheryl (left) and new-born baby Kelsie with neighbour Tracey

In 1997, Church woman Cheryl Corless made the front page of the then Lancashire Evening Telegraph after giving birth to her baby son Harry in a phone box as she tried to dial 999.

Some 12 years on, the 36-year-old mum gave birth to her seventh child Kelsie in her young son’s bedroom with the help of her next-door neighbour Tracey Gilsenan.

Cheryl, who was alone in the house while her husband Anthony, 22, was at his mother’s, was a week away from a scheduled Caesarean because the baby was breached.

But, 15 minutes after feeling her first contraction, little Kelsie made an appearance.

Tracey delivered the baby with the help of a 999 operator, shortly after being woken by a phone call.

Earlier that day Cheryl had had slight pains, but dismissed them as wind. “None of my other babies were fast, except Harry.

“I was expecting a long delivery, but just at the last minute Kelsie must have turned.

“I called Tracey and sent a text message to Anthony. It was just 15 minutes later I sent another saying ‘Too late, she’s here!’”

Kelsie is the couple’s fourth child along with Lewis, four, William, three and 18-month-old Alfie.

Cheryl’s children from a previous relationship, Danny, 17, who lives in Blackburn and Sally, 13, and Harry, 12, who live with their father, are also delighted with their “adorable” sister.

Cheryl added: “Tracey was amazing with me and the kids, who were up. I can’t thank her enough for everything.”

Tracey added: “Cheryl was very calm and the operator told me what to do.

“The most frightening bit was picking her up and placing her on her mum while she was still attached.”

Cheryl, made the front page of the Lancashire Evening Telegraph when she gave birth to Harry in 1997 two weeks early in a phone box in Church Street, Church.

Harry was rescued from his mum’s leggings by his dad, Leigh Swindlehurst, before passing ambulance workers stopped to help.

Cheryl, whose maiden name is Bell, says Kelsie will be definitely be her last child.

She said: “There’ll be no more! Our family is definitely complete.

“Anthony has been after a little girl and he has her now.”


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  1. I have also posted your story on the Luke’s Army website to help expose what was done to you and continues to happen to others, hope that is ok,

    Comment by Luke's Dad — September 19, 2012 @ 3:42 pm | Reply

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