September 22, 2012

another mothers heartache damn you ss and family courts

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Serena’s Story

This is my full story for the first time… 

At the beginning of 2001 at the age of 18 and after a very difficult labour I gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl who ended up in special care. This was very daunting but after 3 weeks I took her home. I split up with her dad 3 years later then the fun began. My own mother rang the local social services office telling lies that I was a drug user and had dirty needles about my house. This got proved to be malicious.

Over the years many more lies were told and many more times proved to be malicious. When my daughter was 5 years old I became homeless which left me with a choice of either putting her in foster care or to my mother, a place she knew, so I placed her with my mother. I got a house and took it to court to get my daughter back to no avail due to the length of time she had been there. I had as much contact with her as I wanted. In 2007 I had another baby. This time a beautiful baby boy.

The lies started again and again proved to be malicious. In time I had a 3rd child in 2009. In January of 2010 I had a visit from the local social services wanting to section me as they had had a report that I had smashed my babies head against a brick wall this was obviously untrue as my baby was happy and bouncing baby at 6 months old doing what babies of that age do. All 3 of my children were happy children clean with glowing smiles on their faces. This was shortly after my youngest childs christening.

I moved back to the area were my children were at school and my mother then decided she would take me to court for my oldest boy. Failed miserably. However every week social services were at my door believing all the lies my mother was spilling. She turned everyone in my bra against me with the lies she had used many times before. She managed it come March of this year. After 2 n half of me trying to prove myself I lost my babies. The social services had no orders what so ever and with in a week or so I managed to get the manager to admit it was an unlawful removal as well as admit that the social worker had falsified information on the files.

I am still fighting to this day to prove I am a good mother to my children. My so called parents now have care of my lovely stunning babies. Recently (Wednesday just gone) my gorgeous 3year old appeared at contact with a bust lip. I rang the police and social care who have done nothing about my childs injury. I can’t protect my little man as I’m not there to do so. Its heart breaking every day not knowing wide my children are and what other little accidents they will have while I’m not with them. This is my story that still continues as all the reports made to court are made up of lies that can be proved as just that as do many others like me.

Please share your stories so we can each help each other in a manner of different ways. And support each other. But for now we all need your help in this family unit, so please add all your friends and family to this group whether they have dealings with social services or not. The more people that join the wider spread awareness will be and people will see how corrupt the system is. This is the first time I have told my story in full and no doubt I have missed parts of it but this is a start and it lets people know they are not alone.



  1. So sorry to hear your story. I reposted it here…

    Comment by Michael Borusieiwicz — September 22, 2012 @ 6:36 pm | Reply

  2. my name is Rebecca i would like to thank you all for this block

    i was give birth in Africa to my lovely daughter and than i came to UK in 2006 with her two week later SS came and remove my child by force and i did not know nothing about SS in UK so they make a secret court with out my knowing and SS alone adopted my child some where in UK if i ask solicitor about my child and what happen in court they refused to let me know i remain all the time cry about my child after two year i found my new partner and we married my partner try to help me to get my daughter back he pay 10.000 pound to the solicitor but solicitor could not represent us the SS block his mouths to not told nothing to my partner and me in 2008 i became pregnant and after SS and police removed my beautiful baby at birth and put it up for adoption my child was removed with out skin to skin contact between me and my baby i was remain bleeding at birth and i never see my baby until this day i do not know if i will be allow to see my child one day to identify our self and have photo grape with my child as am biological mother to my baby my partner was told by SS and court in Manchester to choose between me and his son after birth my partner disagree with the court and we remain together till now but all of us family member have no access to our child my mother in law child grand ma travels to England to ask the court if she could care for my child the court say at lest his son could end his relationship with me my husband the father of my child say which law in the world say you have to choose between your child or you wife my husband ask the Manchester court if they should sent the case to the human right . social service and the court refuse to sent to the high court or European court of human right but they keep our case as a secret as a test case of united kingdom .this year we sent to European court of human right and it was awarded against united kingdom pending before the chamber the council who treated us very bad during the birth of our baby was bury local authority shame on you we will survival.

    Comment by REBECCA POBIARZYN — September 22, 2012 @ 6:29 pm | Reply

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