September 23, 2012

Phoenix Rising

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You will never know my name, but that’s not important… what is important is my story.  I am one of thousands (and growing daily) of parents who have had their children removed by Social Services.  Now you might sit there and think “What did you do?!”  and you’d be right to do so, sometimes the SS don’t come into your life without a reason but sometimes… and these stories I shall also tell … they DO!

In 2009 my oldest child was removed from my custody into that of their fathers.  I will not go into details why but owing to events beyond my control I was cautioned with child neglect.   To this day I know I made mistakes, many parents do, but what followed for the next 4 years, what is STILL following has led me to creating this page.  It is time I spoke out, it is time I stood up and let myself be counted, because after those mistakes I spent the next four years improving myself into a person who was responsible, caring, helpful, loving and a good mother to another child.

However very recently this year I left a violent and abusive man, I proved him to be so, I recorded him threatening to kill me, I recorded him calling our baby

‘a little cunt’

When I showed this recording to my social worker, instead of doing thewir job of protecting a vunerable child and woman, they went behind my back and supported the HIM… my baby was left with a violent man, despite me passing every assessment thrown my way for nearly half a decade, depsite HIS psychological assessment proiving him to be hostile and a cause for concern, I was removed from my home, my baby and my life.

I now live alone, crying myself to sleep most nights.

However, with support of friends and family, I am slowly rebuilding, and like a phoenix rising from the ashes I feel renewed…

So this page is a story, a blog, a diary, a journal etc etc…

but more than anything it is ONE thing you need to take note of…


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