September 25, 2012

stafford social worker tooled up with machete

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Man jailed after arming himself with machete


A CHILDREN’S social worker ‘tooled up’ with a machete started a violent brawl that left two people injured, a judge heard.

 Generic Online News 6Leroy Forde turned up at a house in Stafford with the machete and a golf club after being accused of an extra-marital affair.

 Householder Mr Darren Chevelleau (corr) opened the door to see Forde holding the machete and fearing he was about to be attacked, made a grab for it.

 The fracas that followed spilled over from the house in Friars Street to a nearby car park. Mr Chevelleau suffered a cut to his fingers that needed four stitches and his partner, Mandy Ormrod sustained cuts to her left wrist and knee.

 The defendant ran off when he heard the sound of police sirens and was arrested,covered in blood, at his home, said Miss Fiona Cortese, prosecuting.

 Forde, aged 33, of Alliance Street, Stafford, who admitted charges of unlawful wounding, possessing the machete and common assault on Ms Ormrod, was jailed for a total of 397 days.

 Judge Mark Eades told him: “During the course of the day there was an incident which appears to have involved your wife being told – whether correct or not I can’t comment – you were having an affair with another woman and you were under the impression your marriage was over.

 “Your reaction was an extreme one. I put to one side the fact you had donned camouflage outfit… you armed yourself with a machete, a long large weapons more consistent with a short sword and a golf club. The fact you were prepared to travel to Mr Chevelleau’s house with those two weapons speaks volumes.

 “The inevitable happened, things escalated and went completely out of control – the people in the house sought to restrain you and take those weapons off you. You ended up injured and they were injured.”

 Miss Cortese said the incident happened after Forde had been out celebrating the New Year in Stafford town centre.

 The defendant, who had been drinking heavily, went home and put on camouflage clothes to walk his dog, but then armed himself with the machete and golf club and went to Friars Street.

 In a basis of plea, Forde said he had no intention to use the weapons, but took them ‘for protection’. He didn’t have a problem with Mr Chevelleau, only wanting to talk about the allegations made about him.

 Mr Chris Clark, defending, said Forde had held a responsible job “working with vulnerable children for social services.”

 He was suspended in the wake of the incident. “That employment is no longer available to him,” said Mr Clark.

 “His wife is standing by him and they are attempting to make a new start. My client has made a valuable contribution to the community since coming to this country from Barbados. By these rash actions he’s put it wholly in jeopardy.”


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  1. OMG! And this guy was in charge of children! scary: very scary!!

    Comment by A friend. — September 26, 2012 @ 11:55 am | Reply

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