January 6, 2013

Marian Richards social services manager

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not only responsible for the kidnap of baby willow but also responsible for 2 assaults against my child in foster care then keeping it secret , corrupting complaints , and trying to deny me records for 2 years thankfully now Farleys solicitors are on to her!



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Gaynor and Ed staffordshire Local authority Foster Parents

My son was placed with these until last year, I received a letter from social services informing me he had moved they failed to inform me it was because GAYNOR tried to strangle him !!!

You will find on this blog evidence of assault by a previous foster carer on my child .


further questions

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1) What evidence was in your medical notes to support that you did have this medical condition ?

2) Did the experts make the following excuses up .
a) The notes did not arrive in any order
b) Some notes did not arrive ,or arrived on the same day the parent was due for an appointment meaning this, they never read the medical bundles, and this is something the GMC can give a warning to them for writing reports on this, or writing reports about people who they have not seen.
c) What legal offered to paginate the notes for the court or interested parities?
Was it the child’s solicitor offered, if so , this is a conflict of interest , to seek a fishing trip to label a parent for a personality disorder.
Since losing your court case, have you had any recent medical assessments with ATOS , and if so how did they award you on the medical evidence based with the GP , hospitals etc?
4) Did you get awarded
a) Did Atos find you fit for work?
b) Did Atos next put into the support group ?
c) Did they award you the highest rate of ESA?

4) How has being essentially labelled within a Kangeroo court , with a personality disorder affected you , in your day to day living ?
5) Have you ever been offered counselling by your GP for having suffered from being essentially victimized by being Psychiatrically abused by these so called experts.
6) How many of your experts did you back track later on and search for more answers or more cases of others who have had a similar experience as yourself?
7) Is blogging something you would like to consider , as if you were to do this, it would connect you to more cases in connection with the same professionals who were involved in your case.
What help do you think , that you would need to deal with the media,as the media are similarly interested in these cases,and also asking more questions about the closed courts , as only a selective group are allowed

9) Would you be interested in trying to report such cases with a reputable journalist, or learn to organized how to merchandize the paperwork and move it around the internet, to legally share it with other parents and media to train them up, to be able to deal with the endemic amount of corruption , ordinary families are finding themselves up against or subjected to ?

Submitted by a colleague

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I have another question, which I want you to post on your blog please.
How many of you , have been accused in court of not having a medical problem , or suffering from an incurable disease,which resulted in losing your children?
2) Did you feel that your data was given to an an un-trained expert to interpret as they seen fit , to relay to a Judge in a report for court ?
3) How many of you were labelled with the following and in the following order a) Stomaotise disorder ? ( could not get this to stick, so then went to abnormal illness behavoiur
b( factious illness or another label
4) How many of you were recently or in receipt of benefits for disability for this problem when they removed your children,and how did it affect your benefit ? (this is in relation to your claim at the time, or now.

5) What has Atos or DWP awarded you in rates of benefits for any medical problem , which essentially you feel that the closed courts have re- classified via a report done by an expert who works for the NHS or in Private?
6) How has this affected you financially or Psychologically ?
7) How has this impacted on your general health since the experience of being labelled or having been falsely accused of having something , that never existed on record prior to visiting an expert witness?
Do you feel that , a social worker ,should have reported the change of circumstances to the police , or DWP as a matter of fraud ? ( as this is what it is, basically , this is a fraud matter. Someone has accused you of being a fraud,when in fact ,you have documented evidence in your medical bundles to support this is not the case, yet no fair opportunity to have this represented by any decent solicitor in a closed court?
9) How many people would want , to lobby MP’s to change this process for court expert witnesses to stick to pathology testing, and also to have Genetic screening mandatory as hard evidence ,instead of inserting subjective opinions about your medical history?

These questions have been raised by a parent ,who was accused of having Stomatoise disorder, who has a long term history of incurable disease , and lost their case in a closed court,because of an expert witness stepped out of their field of expertise and did not have the basic knowledge of what they were reading in the patients medical notes.
This parent was diagnosed in 1986 by various medical doctors,standard NHS procedures were sued to make the diagnosis. The DWP has sent the person to a medical, were Atso has asked when they had their first diagnosis and what is the current state of the disease?
Based on evidence supplied by regular visits to hospitals and findings, Atos decided to award the highest rate of benefit to the parent,who has life was destroyed by an expert who was paid £150 an hour plus VAT in 2005
A FOI requests how many parents lost such cases ,then went on to be awarded the highest rate of benefit

January 1, 2013

New Years Honours List; class structures the elite and betterness

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