January 6, 2013

further questions

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1) What evidence was in your medical notes to support that you did have this medical condition ?

2) Did the experts make the following excuses up .
a) The notes did not arrive in any order
b) Some notes did not arrive ,or arrived on the same day the parent was due for an appointment meaning this, they never read the medical bundles, and this is something the GMC can give a warning to them for writing reports on this, or writing reports about people who they have not seen.
c) What legal offered to paginate the notes for the court or interested parities?
Was it the child’s solicitor offered, if so , this is a conflict of interest , to seek a fishing trip to label a parent for a personality disorder.
Since losing your court case, have you had any recent medical assessments with ATOS , and if so how did they award you on the medical evidence based with the GP , hospitals etc?
4) Did you get awarded
a) Did Atos find you fit for work?
b) Did Atos next put into the support group ?
c) Did they award you the highest rate of ESA?

4) How has being essentially labelled within a Kangeroo court , with a personality disorder affected you , in your day to day living ?
5) Have you ever been offered counselling by your GP for having suffered from being essentially victimized by being Psychiatrically abused by these so called experts.
6) How many of your experts did you back track later on and search for more answers or more cases of others who have had a similar experience as yourself?
7) Is blogging something you would like to consider , as if you were to do this, it would connect you to more cases in connection with the same professionals who were involved in your case.
What help do you think , that you would need to deal with the media,as the media are similarly interested in these cases,and also asking more questions about the closed courts , as only a selective group are allowed

9) Would you be interested in trying to report such cases with a reputable journalist, or learn to organized how to merchandize the paperwork and move it around the internet, to legally share it with other parents and media to train them up, to be able to deal with the endemic amount of corruption , ordinary families are finding themselves up against or subjected to ?


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  1. You are Invited to the following. But ask yourself does every child matter what is in the best interest of every child ?

    Children Screaming To Be Be Heard The Silent Witness Conference. Maggie tuttle and Andy Peacher

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    Are you a grandparent who wants contact with your grand children ? Are you a professional who can discuss ways of helping families and the parents to resolve any issues with in the family.
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    Please email should you wish to be a guest speaker and what you can offer the conference either Child Protection advice Or Human Rights Advice and how parents can work with social services to keep their children. We need counsellors.

    We welcome social workers, foster carers, their agencies, solicitors, and the general public.

    The Child Protection Conference This Year We are concentrating on The Support need for parents when children go in to care and support for children after care. & The Professionals Role In Safe Guarding Children And Helping Parents/Grandparents To Keep Their Children.

    Confirmed Guest Speakers FLORENCE BELLONE JOHN HEMMINGS MP Maggie Tuttle Grandmother
    Sarah Goodley Paul Manning Christina England Ian Josephs many to confirm.

    Grandparents/Parents Very Welcome and the public we have space only for 300 so please say you are going only if you are.


    We Need You Parents/Grandparents Who have Lost Their Children/Grandchildren To The Care System to tell us your story and to work with the professionals in child protection.

    Professionals Needed such as Midwifes Social Workers Firemen Police Nhs Whistle-blowers Doctors Teachers Solicitors Care Workers HealthVisitors NSPCC VICARS THE PUBLIC YOU ALL CAN CHANGE THE LIVES OF CHILDREN AND FAMILIES BY ATTENDING AND MAKING A CHANGE.

    Ms Maggie Tuttle Bio

    Maggie Tuttle is a dedicated grandmother in Great Britain, who is also, an advocate for abused children in the Foster Care System that often, subjects those children to further abuse. Maggie’s fight takes place in England but it is a global problem and children are in great need of people like Maggie who works tirelessly, on their behalf.

    The website, Children Screaming To Be Heard at is dedicated to helping children who are lost within the Foster Care systems that were designed to help and protect abused children. Those systems, in many cases, have become the monsters they were supposed to defend children from. These systems can’t survive and provide jobs for government workers if there are too few abused children. This results in children being taken into the system when there are better alternatives for them. Children are also, in high demand for sexual abuse and are valuable merchandise for those willing to obtain and sell children to adults for their personal gratification. This is a huge problem in Great Britain and Europe but it is also, a problem in the United States. Few people know what goes on inside the Foster Care System and this makes it a perfect system to corrupt for the purpose of trafficking children, on a global scale. Though few people seem to be aware of how millions of children are being abused in their homes and also, in the government programs, and charities designed to serve them, it is a problem that affects us all. Children are the future and their personal destruction means the eventual, destruction of our civilization. All good people have the responsibility of making child abuse unacceptable in our society and also, to make sure that children aren’t merchandised as slaves in the underground global-sex-trade.

    Maggie Tuttle is a woman who isn’t afraid to fight city hall and Maggie fights to win. Below, I am sharing a You-Tube video featuring, Maggie, as she discusses the plight of today’s children and the safe houses for abused children that she is working to establish. I hope you will take the time to watch this video and also, consider what part you might be able to play in ending the silent holocaust that is taking place against children. All baby boomer parents and grandparents have the potential of becoming a voice for children, who have no voice at all. Follow this link to Maggie’s video.

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    a) Died as a result of failures by the authorities or care system.

    b) Died Abused as a result of failures by the authorities or care system.

    c) Died Abused by the care system.

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