January 6, 2013

Submitted by a colleague

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I have another question, which I want you to post on your blog please.
How many of you , have been accused in court of not having a medical problem , or suffering from an incurable disease,which resulted in losing your children?
2) Did you feel that your data was given to an an un-trained expert to interpret as they seen fit , to relay to a Judge in a report for court ?
3) How many of you were labelled with the following and in the following order a) Stomaotise disorder ? ( could not get this to stick, so then went to abnormal illness behavoiur
b( factious illness or another label
4) How many of you were recently or in receipt of benefits for disability for this problem when they removed your children,and how did it affect your benefit ? (this is in relation to your claim at the time, or now.

5) What has Atos or DWP awarded you in rates of benefits for any medical problem , which essentially you feel that the closed courts have re- classified via a report done by an expert who works for the NHS or in Private?
6) How has this affected you financially or Psychologically ?
7) How has this impacted on your general health since the experience of being labelled or having been falsely accused of having something , that never existed on record prior to visiting an expert witness?
Do you feel that , a social worker ,should have reported the change of circumstances to the police , or DWP as a matter of fraud ? ( as this is what it is, basically , this is a fraud matter. Someone has accused you of being a fraud,when in fact ,you have documented evidence in your medical bundles to support this is not the case, yet no fair opportunity to have this represented by any decent solicitor in a closed court?
9) How many people would want , to lobby MP’s to change this process for court expert witnesses to stick to pathology testing, and also to have Genetic screening mandatory as hard evidence ,instead of inserting subjective opinions about your medical history?

These questions have been raised by a parent ,who was accused of having Stomatoise disorder, who has a long term history of incurable disease , and lost their case in a closed court,because of an expert witness stepped out of their field of expertise and did not have the basic knowledge of what they were reading in the patients medical notes.
This parent was diagnosed in 1986 by various medical doctors,standard NHS procedures were sued to make the diagnosis. The DWP has sent the person to a medical, were Atso has asked when they had their first diagnosis and what is the current state of the disease?
Based on evidence supplied by regular visits to hospitals and findings, Atos decided to award the highest rate of benefit to the parent,who has life was destroyed by an expert who was paid £150 an hour plus VAT in 2005
A FOI requests how many parents lost such cases ,then went on to be awarded the highest rate of benefit


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