December 17, 2012

Dear Parents and Extended Families

I would like to do some research on diagnosis given in Family Courts and the experts and methods in which diagnosis were made.

I would like to know

The diagnosis you were given.

1. Did you have a diagnosis prior to court proceedings ?

2. The expert used to give you a diagnosis in Family Court proceedings.

3.The method used in which you received diagnosis , i.e psychometric testing , interviews etc

4. Whether the diagnosis meant you then lost custody of your children.

5. Whether you were offered any treatment or therapy for the said diagnosis.

6. Whether as a result of the diagnosis you are now in receipt of any sickness benefits or DLA that you were not entitled to prior to family courts.

&. The local authority involved .

The easiest way to submit this is via the comments section below .

Please comment as anonymous or under a false name this is to protect you .

Thank You


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